Robyn’s Creative Dine Below the Line!

13 May 2017

Robyn has hosted one of the most creative (and the most successful) Dine Below the Line so far! She rented out a Lawn Bowls Club to be able to fit as many guests as possible and put together an amazing barbeque. I’ll let the pro herself take you through her DBL!

Firstly I salute all volunteers at Oaktree and participants of DBL & LBL!

When signing up for feeding dinner guests on $2.00 a head I thought "yeah right, easy peasy"!

Then, as reality set in I considered 2 things:

1)in my privileged life I am used to buying the best ingredients and letting them do the talking (aka not so good at creating a $2 per head menu)

2) I can reach more people and make more money by hosting an event

.….So naturally I booked a local lawn bowls club!

I invited everybody I knew and "suggested" for my kids invite everybody they knew to come & play bowls and have a sausage BBQ, with food provided by me and drinks to be purchased at the bar.

To cover the cost of the venue ($500) I had a cover charge of $20 per adult & $10 per student.

(Side note - this was also beneficial for the club as they run on their lovely volunteer input and outside bookings help them cover costs of running the club)

Then crossed my fingers that enough people would accept the invitation!!

The meal was pretty basic:

  • BBQ sausages donated by Dons Smallgoods
  • BBQ Vege Burgers
  • BBQ Vegan Burgers
  • white bread
  • tomato sauce (or course)
  • chinese cabbage salad with chang noodles & yummy soy sauce & olive oil dressing
  • lettuce and tomato salad with vinaigrette

I also had the bright idea of having a silent auction of some artwork that I had around the place & some that was donated.

SUCCESS! About 60 people attended and with the help of the whole family and the bowls club volunteers we had an amazing night - pictures were sold, food was eaten, bowls were played, chat was had, drinks were drunk (I kid you not the volunteer bar lady was 85 not out and sprightly as all get out) AND we raised $1,100!

My thanks go to my family, friends & Oaktree.

I am privileged to share the vision and do a little bit for the children of Cambodia and Timor-Leste.



While Robyn is not putting on fantastic events such as her DBL she’s the manager/ wrangler of one husband, two kids and a dog. Her special skills include reading, exercising and binge watching TV series.

It’s not too late to host your own DBL - we’ve got lots of menus and helpful hints to get you started!

Get planning here :)

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