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We want to be transparent with you

You’ve likely found yourself on this page because you’re interested in Oaktree’s money (where it comes from and how it’s spent) or the other stuff like our policies. 

Here at Oaktree, we believe in being upfront and transparent so that you can feel assured when engaging with us. In fact, we believe it so much that we became a member of ACFID and signed their code; holding ourselves to a high standard of compliance and honesty.

Before we get to the good stuff though, one thing we will let you in on is how we measure success. For us, success is not about profit - it’s about our impact.

Measuring impact can be difficult, particularly when there isn’t a direct monetary correlation. To judge our impact, take a look at our mission and our three areas of work: raising awareness, policy change and overseas impact.

You can learn more about our strategic plan and three areas of impact here: 

Our Latest Annual Report (with strategic plan)

Money Matters

We know money matters so here is our most recent financial statement:

Our most recent financial statement

If you have further questions, get in touch with our team at [email protected] and we will be happy to explain it all.

But how much do you spend on Admin?

Fair enough! We know donors want to see their money being used to fund work that fights injustice. And we agree. But where would we be without investing in our organisation? Investing in admin costs is essential for all NGOs to innovate, and achieve great outcomes for the causes we care about. The idea that the best NGOs have low overhead costs doesn't make sense! Organisations that don’t invest in themselves inevitably stagnate.

You can find a total breakdown of where our money goes in our Annual Report above on page 70.

Every dollar you donate to Oaktree contributes to the fight against injustice. Through all parts of our work, both here in Australia and overseas, we invest in young people to create change on this issue.

So if you’ve come here to see how much we spend on admin, by all means, take a look. But we ask that you also check out our strategic plan. Read our vision and learn about our outcomes. Because that’s what really counts.

Policy & Legal Documents

Looking for more information? Below are additional policy & legal documents that act as key drivers of our organisation. These are the guides Oaktree uses to ensure it is compliant to industry and internal standards.

Our Constitution

Terms of Service

Conflict of Interest Policy

PSEAH Policy

Procurement and Purchasing Statement

Non-Development Activity Policy

Prevention of Financial Wrongdoing Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy

Fundraising Policy

Oaktree's Fundraising Statement

Oaktree is committed to fundraising ethically by adhering to the ACFID Fundraising Charter. Oaktree’s commitment to the requirements of the ACFID Fundraising Charter is demonstrated through our Fundraising Policy, Communications Policy, and Ethical Communications Procedure.

Oaktree Australia (T/A Oaktree) | A.B.N. 39 129 680 584

The Oaktree Foundation Australia ABN 39 129 680 584 (trading as Oaktree) is a Company Limited by Guarantee (a not-for-profit company). We are a Public Benevolent Institution and Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient (meaning that all donations are tax deductible). We are also a proud and active member of the Australian Council for International Development.