Top 10 feels before Challenge Week: The Office Edition

09 Sep 2020

Oh wow! We're right in the midst of challenge week!

To put it lightly, we’re all massively hyped.

Whether you’re an LBL veteran welcoming Challenge Week back with open arms, or a first-timer standing on the edge of a precarious new adventure, I reckon we can all agree that we’ve gone through a few emotions in the lead up to Monday…

To remind you that you’re not alone, we thought we’d hit you with a few of the feels we know you’ll come across in Challenge Week. Naturally, such deep emotional instincts can only be conveyed through the wholesomeness of our dear friends at Dunder Mifflin. Feel free to laugh, cry and relate - gosh knows, we’ve all been there.


10. Realising you’ve spent your entire budget in one day and having to rethink your life choices

9. Finally sticking to your budget and turning a blind eye to the rest of the shelves ?


8. When you’re hungry but still hyping the squad in the group chat


7. Thinking that maybe grocery shopping would have been easier if you’d planned it


6. When you make a meal off of the inspo plan and want your Michelin Star...


5. ...and then realise that your first, second and third recipe are different versions of the same thing


4. When you’re Melbourne-bound and have to socially-distance but you’re determined to make DBL work


3. That spark of gratitude when your mate donates money to you


2. When you’ve prepped for LBL for weeks and wonder how it still managed to creep up on you

1. Realising that there’s only a few days to go until Challenge Week, but that it’s ok because you’re going to kill it. You’ve got this!