SINCE 2004


At home, we build the capacity of diverse young Australians to create, demand and lead change.

Each year we transform hundreds of Australian students, campaigners and volunteers into agents of change.

Our young people execute campaigns that mobilise hundreds of young people, write legal papers, manage teams, lobby politicians and create communication strategies that reach hundreds of thousands.

Our people represent everything that young people are capable of. They defy media stereotypes to prove that young people are passionate and hardworking.

We run fundraising and advocacy campaigns that grow the influence of young people and spread our vision for a more just world.

Our young people lead a campaign that inspires thousands of people to eat on $2 to fight poverty. We connect young people to their local politicians, and campaign to shift public and political perspectives on issues of justice, like Australian aid.

We influence policy change towards youth participation and a more just world.

Oaktree connects young voices to the Australian public and decision-makers to shift policy. We raise awareness and take action on issues of poverty and injustice, like Australian aid. And we advocate for youth participation in decision-making on issues that affect young people, like poverty, climate change, and development projects in their communities.

What is youth participation?

More than half the world is under 30 years old, and more than 90% live in low-income countries. From poverty to climate change and war, young people are among the worst affected by our world's greatest injustices. We believe that young people should be included in decision-making on issues that affect them. And we know that we won't create the change we need to see without empowering young people to thrive.

For us, youth participation is not just a right, but essential to creating a more just world.

How else have we worked in Australia in the past? You can read all about some of our past programming below.

The Student Ambassadors Program (SAP)

The Student Ambassadors Program was our flagship leadership development program for Australian students between years 10-12. Since its inception in 2017, the program saw hundreds of students across the country develop their capacity and knowledge as young changemakers. From learning about the green revolution and climate activism, to creating and running fundraising and advocacy campaigns, learning about racial and gendered injustice, and engaging stakeholders and lobbying MP’s, our Student Ambassadors received high-level training across a variety of important areas. 

The Campaigners for Change Program (C4C)

The Campaigners for Change Program coexisted with SAP, and was designed to work alongside it as our advocacy and leadership capacity building program for young people aged between 17-27. C4C developed the capacity of hundreds of young Australians through workshops and seminars, where the Campaigners were guided through the process of creating their own campaign on issues that were important to them. Working individually and in small teams, our campaigners learned the transformative power of campaigning through examples of Oaktree’s own campaigns, and were then assisted as they developed their own.