Young people leading sustainable development

About Oaktree

Oaktree is a youth-run international development agency. We believe that every young person should have an equitable chance to reach their potential, no matter where they are born. We exist to empower young people across the Asia-Pacific Region to become agents of change and lead sustainable development in their communities. Sound interesting? Check out the video below to learn more.

 Our Youth Run Model 

Our organisation is powered entirely by people under the age of 27. Over the last 18 years, we have upskilled a generation of changemakers in Australia with the knowledge to champion sustainable development. Our young volunteers and staff have run large fundraising initiatives like our annual Live Below the Line campaign. They have led political movements, which saw the government increase our foreign aid budget. They have been upskilled in advocacy, fundraising, financial management and every other aspect of effective social change. Oaktree's impact can be seen in our alumni who have taken these skills and gone on to lead change in government, the private sector and civil society. 

So far, we've empowered

50,000 young people


young people have been empowered through our education programs


innovative education projects have been successfully implemented across the Asia Pacific


communities have benefited from Oaktree’s educational opportunities