LBL Diaries: A returning champion

26 Aug 2020

Last year I did the 5 days LBL challenge (which, unfortunately, happened to coincide with my birthday!). It was my first time doing LBL and, to say the least, I’ve learned plenty from it. I’m choosing to do LBL again this year because poverty doesn’t pause in a pandemic, and we need to support those who stand to be the most impacted by it.

My tips on getting through challenge week is to have variety, and be creative! Last LBL I made pancakes, porridge and many more things - all from oats. Unsurprisingly everything tasted like…oats. But it was still encouraging to have something different to look forward to each day. I also separated all the veggies in my frozen veg pack and made corn fritters and hashbrowns. This year I’m going to use flour as a base and put my new found iso pasta/noodle-making skills to good use.

Fundraising wise, I’ve set little reward tiers for donations, eg. $25 for cookies, $35 for a TikTok dance, $50 for a cake etc. Last year I dressed up in a bubble tea costume which was fun, but it wasn’t as personal since it was about the total donation amount. This year, I’ve already gotten many $26 donations because who doesn’t want cookies? It’s all about having fun with it and putting yourself out there, I for one, do not dabble in the art of TikTok but I’ll be damned if I don’t do it for $35 and a good cause. In these COVID-19 times, it’s also about being considerate, not everyone can afford to donate and that’s okay! Encouraging people to share your call for donations can be just as effective, you never know who’ll see it and help you out. C:

-Lily Bu