Today's the day you put change on the menu!

03 Feb 2017

Welcome to Live Below the Line 2017!

Not sure who we are? We believe in empowering young people to end extreme poverty. Why? Because young people are, quite literally, the future.

Live Below the Line challenges thousands of Australians to eat on $2 a day, raising funds to help end extreme poverty. And we launch today!

Sign Up!

Never done LBL before or are you an old hat at the challenge? Never fear, we’ve got new challenges and experiences for every type of participant plus plenty of resources when you sign up!

By signing up you’re putting change on the menu and committing to ending poverty within your lifetime.

Think we’re cool beans? Or even a-maize-ing? Sorry to be corny...check back often and never miss a post!


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Eagle 19 Mar 2017 Deep thinking - adds a new dinemsion to it all.
24 Mar 2017 It definitely does Eagle, hope to see you doing LBL this year :)

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