What is the OYSF, and why is it important?

In 2019, Oaktree met with grassroots youth-led organisations in our region and were told of the structural barriers they faced in accessing resources.

These organisations are built by
inspiring, energetic young people, who have identified a need in their communities, and have designed initiatives to help address it. Existing funding models made it extremely difficult for these young people to access the resources and support they needed in order to carry out their visions. 

The Oaktree Youth Solidarity Fund (OYSF) was designed in collaboration with youth-led organisations in our region to recognise their unique circumstances, and make it easier to put resources behind the inspiring young leaders steering change in their own communities.

How does it work?

Through the OYSF, Oaktree is able to partner with youth-led organisations from across the Asia-Pacific who are working on incredible projects to address a concern they see in their community. This way we are able to support sustainable, locally-led development initiatives. 

Each year the partners are selected based on the project they would like to run. The partners are given flexible grants to fund their initiatives, and are welcomed to the OYSF Network, to connect, engage, and share knowledge with other youth-led organisations in our region.

By creating a network of youth-youth solidarity, we are able to grow a movement of young people who are empowered to lead, demand, and create change. 

We are so excited to announce the partners that have been selected for this years’ OYSF. Check out who the partners are and their goals for this year down below!