Youth Solidarity Fund & Network

It's time to challenge the status quo.

In 2019, we visited Timor Leste. We spoke to young people in our programs and found that there was a huge gap in funding for small grassroots organisations in our region. Young people in the Asia Pacifc region have innovate ideas for sustianable development projects in their communities. However, there is a lack of funding for these small, sometimes unregistered movement who are full of energy to create a more just and sustaiable world. 

Through the Oaktree Youth Solidarity Fund (OYSF), Oaktree now partners with youth-led organisations from across the Asia-Pacific who are working on incredible projects to address a concern they see in their community. This way we are able to support
sustainable, locally-led development initiatives. 

How does it work?

Each year our members are selected based on the project they would like to run. The members are given flexible grants to fund their initiatives, and are welcomed to the OYSF Network, to connect, engage, and share knowledge with other youth-led organisations in our region.

By creating a network of youth-youth solidarity, we are able to grow a movement of young people who are empowered to lead, demand, and create a better world.

In 2022, we launched the fund with 5 inaugral partners. However, we quickly realised this is much more than a fund; it is a network. This network of like minded youth organisation will meet throughout the year to share skill and support each other through a mutual aid process.  

2022 Members

We are so excited to announce the five organisations that will form our inaugral OYSF network:

Asosiasaun Timoriana (Timor Leste)

Timoriana is a youth-led environmental research and advocacy organisation. It promotes fair, responsible and just social-economic development in Timor-Leste, and works to encourage environmental advocacy amongst youth and community members.

Tonga Women in ICT (Tonga)

Tonga Women in ICT is an organisation that works to encourage the participation of women and girls within the Kingdom of Tonga’s ICT industry and provide a voice within the male-domianted industry. They will work to increase awareness of women in ICT and provide ICT training.

Manggala Jingga (Indonesia)

Manggala Jingga is a student-led organisation based in Indonesia. Manggala Jingga facilitates programs to empower the Kampung Air community with social enterprise, urban farming and environmental advocacy skills.

Soft Skills Development (Cambodia)

Alumni for Soft Skills Development is an organisation in Cambodia which works to bridge the gap between critical thinking and life skills in Cambodian generations, in order to advance self-sustainability and lead a meaningful life. They work collaboratively with relevant actors to empower Cambodian youth with the goal of helping youth to discover their authentic selves through active learning.

Youth Leadership Development (Timor Leste)

Young Leaders Development Program (YLDP) is a program committed to the development of Timorese youth. The organisation works with young leaders, and provides capacity-building, personal development, and research and advocacy around youth development.