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Why should you join us?

At Oaktree, you’ll be given the opportunity to upskill in real world situations. You won’t be making coffee or printing documents, you’ll be at the helm growing and leading the Oaktree movement.

Like any movement, we run on people power. The culture at Oaktree is like no other – we are a bunch of young passionate individuals ready to face problems head-on.

When we say young people are key, we mean it. All Oaktree employees and volunteers are required to be under 27 years old. While our HQ is based in Melbourne, our volunteering opportunities are open to all across Australia. Unfortunately, we are unable to take in overseas applicants at this time.

Volunteer Positions 

Live Below the Line Campaign Lead 2022 -
Applications closing 25th August

Live Below the Line Campaign Lead PD

Business Development Manager 2022 -
Applications closing 25th August

Business Development Manager PD


Casual Volunteers - Join our movement!

Want to become a part of the Oaktree family, and based in Australia? Being a Casual Volunteer allows you to stay in the loop on all things Oaktree, and connect with other young people who want to change the world!

What you get out of being a Casual Volunteer:
  • resume-booster: gain relevant experience and exclusive access to exciting new opportunities in the Youth and International development sector.
  • low-stakes and flexible: you choose when, where and how to be a part of what we do. Most often, this will look like helping us out (and having fun) at our events.
  • change the world: we’re not kidding. Oaktree is one of the most innovative organisations working to decolonise International Development.
To apply, complete the EOI form below! Feel free to reach out to our team at with any questions you may have.

Board of Directors

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Executive Team

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