Pancakes Around the World

02 Mar 2017

World Pancake Day. A day where everyone comes together specifically to share their mutual love of pancakes. Can we just appreciate that for a sec? We have a day to celebrate the light, fluffy deliciousness of pancakes. A-mayonaising -zing.

It has been a conflict of interest for centuries about what in fact makes a pancake. A PANCAKE? When does a crepe become a pancake? When does a pancake become bread? The Truth? Who Knows! But it is awesome to see this ancient cuisine celebrated across the world. To honor this very special occasion we thought we'd give you a quick run down of the history of pancakes across a stack of cultures. (Get it? Stack?)

We're starting with perhaps the most popular variation of the pancake (and my personal favourite) the French Crepes. These thin slithery pancakes go with practically any topping and are always insta ready.  Whether you're standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or did a DIY and are sitting on the couch binge watching "A Series of Unfortunate Events" they always make for a pretty picture.  Fun Fact- they were actually made by mistake by a young french waiter! The Gentlemen was preparing dessert for a future King when they somehow didn't go as planned. In a nutshell? The waiter was forced to serve the dessert anyway to make it what it is today….A delicacy!

Moving across Europe now we have what most of us call the 'Baby pancake' or 'The Dutch Puff'. This Dutch Pancake is known as a 'sweet popover' that is usually served for breakfast. (but let’s be real you can eat pancakes anytime of day regardless) They're definitely the sweetest lil pancake out!

This next one will definitely tinkle your 'potaTOES' ! Coming from Poland this grated potato deliciousness is… as you guessed it a savoury pancake! Often served with lots of meat toppings, special sauces and cheeses 'Placki Ziemniaczane' was originally created because it was cheap, easy to make and easy to store. For all you veggie lovers out there it definitely could be something to investigate while you’re on LBL!

Switching Continents now the 'Roti' bread you'll find across Southeast Asia reaching as far as the West Indies. The traditional flat bread although is labeled as bread is formed from a similar range of ingredients and colouring to what we all associate with a normal pancake. The roti bread is traditionally served along as a side with curries.  

Last but not least we have what we all know and love; the thick and fluffy American pancakes. These ones you’ve got your toppings all sorted- doesn’t matter whether you’re a sweet or savoury lover these versatile pancakes can be paired with anything. Maple Syrup? Nutella? Lemon and Sugar? Bacon?  No matter the flavor no matter the time you can never miss these pancakes.

Hope you enjoyed this small insight into the world famous cuisine!

Have a Happy Pancake Day!

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Candie 19 Mar 2017 I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apeorachps!
24 Mar 2017 Hahaha thank you! Good luck with LBL :)

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