Pancake Poems

04 Mar 2017
To continue this week's theme, we asked our participants to write some poems about pancakes! Here are a few for you to peruse...

Sonnet to 18 Pancakes

Make me pancakes!

What can I compare to a swell pancake?
They art more lovely and more sweet.
Maple syrup do gaily tastebuds shake, 
Ans bacon's necessity is a treat.
Sometime too hot the pancake pan may cook;
Burning the afflicted crepe to a crisp,
Diminishing the holy c'veted look,
Turning the expected treat to a whisp.
But thy eternal pancake lure shan't fade
Nor toppings of banana or berries;
Or chocolate make a crepe very well-made,
Places my full, sated stomach at ease.
Go on eat a pancake for LBL,
And maybe even host a DBL.

Most pancakes flip and some pancakes do flop
But add some maple syrup on top you've always got a JACKPOT?!?

Some like them cold, whilst others like them hot
Either way, we like them a whole lot!


My name is Alicia and I'm a nineteen year old lover of brunch. (pancakes+ hashbrowns=life) I'm a design student who is always down for some car karaoke (T Swizzle all the way) and I'll be doing LBL as I know that young people have the power to change the future and that together we will break the poverty cycle.


My name is Ash and I'm taking a gap year so I can travel and get me some life experience. I'm a pancake enthusiast who loves to boogie, write, watch Netflix and hang out with my friends. I'm planning to LBL as I believe education is a human right that is key to ending poverty. 

Ode To Pancakes

Pancake Haiku

Pancakes with toppings galore
Give me syrup, I want more
It's always fun to shake the mix
Making one, two or even six

WIth all the chocolate and cherries
Crepes all covered in berries
Make sure they are round and yummy
Plain or sweet, all in my tummy

Ode to the pancake
Please please get in my belly
I asked you nicely


My name is Amy and I'm a commerce student forever in love with Canada after a year of exchange. I am excited for my first year doing LBL and fighting poverty!


My name is Jack, I'm a uni student who loves dogs and dank memes.

Why don't you write your own poem to kickstart those donations?

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Marden 19 Mar 2017 I want to send you an award for most helpful innetret writer.
24 Mar 2017 Hahaha thank you, we've got some pretty creative participants! Good luck with LBL this year :)

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