Live Below the Line and Nutrition?

07 Feb 2017

Today Rebecca Gawthorne is answering all of our burning nutrition questions about Live Below the Line! She’s an accredited practising dietitian and an accredited nutritionist. Via her blog and instagram she’s been dubbed one of Australia's most powerful influencers in the online health & fitness space!

Q: How would you recommend getting enough protein on a $2 budget?

A: This is where lentils and beans become super important in your diet. Lentils & beans are a great source of protein, so grab a few tins for the week. You can usually get these for less than $1.

Q: How important are good quality carbs when I’m living on $2 per day?

A: Choosing quality carbs that have a low GI (Glycemic index) are important for Live Below the Line as they will help you stay fuller for longer and have more energy throughout the day. Quality carbs include whole grains like wholemeal bread, brown rice and even brown pasta. It might be hard with the budget but you’re better off avoiding white bread & choosing wholegrain instead.

Q: Fresh or frozen vegetables? 

A: Frozen vegetables in Australia are actually a really healthy alternative to fresh vegetables. Fresh is prefered, however when you’re on a $2 per day budget, buying a larger quantity of frozen vegetables will be much more cost effective.

Q: I’m scared I’ll be hungry during Live Below The Line. Can you suggest filling foods?

A: If you choose cheap, filling carbohydrates that contain fibre, you should be able to keep full. I recommend buying oats, beans & lentils. These are are high fibre, low GI foods that will keep you feeling fill for a long time.

Q: What are your tips for Live Below The Line if I play sport?

A: Ensure you get plenty of protein, water, carbohydrates and an adequate salt intake. Salt is really important to ensure proper hydration when playing sports due to the fluid lost through sweating.

Q: If I feel tired during Live Below The Line. Do you have any tips or food suggestions that could help boost my energy levels and focus? 

A: It’s super important you keep hydrated!! Drink plenty of water, include carbohydrates (like oats, lentils, rice, potatoes) & don’t forget your fruit.

Q: How do I deal with my caffeine addiction whilst I’m on Live Below The Line? 

A: For a week or two leading up to the challenge, begin to cut down your caffeine intake. And if you really need to, you can factor in some cheap instant coffee into your $2 budget. 

Q: I don’t usually cook, how can I do Live Below The Line?

A: This is a great time to learn!! With you $2 per day budget, the meals you cook will be quite basic and easy, so its the perfect time to work on those cooking skills. The staples including oats, pasta and rice are super easy to cook and there will also be a tonne of recipes on the Live Below the Line website that will guide you step by step in becoming a Live Below the Line gourmet chef!

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Jaylon 19 Mar 2017 What a great resuorce this text is.
Bridget 20 Mar 2017 Hi Rebecca,
I was wondering if you had any recipe ideas, perhaps things you're planning on cooking for the challenge week for yourself?
I read in the newsletter that you had a recipe to share but didn't see it above, so if you had anything to pass on that would be great! Hope to hear from you soon.
Rebecca 24 Mar 2017 Thanks Jalyon! Hopefully it makes Live Below the Line a bit easier for you and your friends :)
Rebecca 24 Mar 2017 Hey Bridget,

It's great to hear from you. My recipe will be posted in the next few weeks. Otherwise there are great recipes and meal plans in the 'Resources' section of your dashboard :)

Clare 25 Mar 2017 Vegie soup and if you save all the scraps from the veg ends make a stock with clean veg ends. I buy a couple of chicken carcasses /necks from the butcher for 2 bucks and make a chicken and vegie scraps stock on the day I cook up everything else too. . If you have access to a fridge with a freezer section you can freeze stock in ice cube trays a great source of flavour and extra nutrition- in any soup plus a few sticks of spaghetti thrown in and lentils or beans makes a fantastic soup.
05 Apr 2017 Great ideas Clare! Do you mind if we share them in an upcoming blog post?

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