Food, Glorious Food

08 Apr 2017

You know that part of Oliver! when he goes up and asks for more food and then they all sing about ‘food, glorious food’? If not, get yourself to a theatre asap.

Live Below the Line can be a bit like Oliver! - either you’ll be asking ‘can I have some more please’ or you’ll be singing about your glorious food and recipe choices. Today, with the help of LBL participants, I’m here to help you do the latter.

That’s right, today’s blog is chock-a-block full of favourite participants recipes from past years!

Chicken Noodle Soup with Dumplings

- 1 packet of chicken noodle soup
- 1 1/4 cups of flour
- 60g butter
- Half cup milk

Crumble the flour and butter together. Add milk and mixed until combined. Pinch off bits of dough and roll into small balls. Add the dough balls to the boiling soup and cook until they double in size

- Jack Langlan

Pumpkin Risotto

- Roast 100g of pumpkin (cut into cubes before roasting
- Cooke 1/2 cup of rice in stock until it's soggy
- Stir in the roast pumpkin
- Eat it until you get bored of it and then with the leftovers make arancini by mixing them with a beaten egg and frying in butter or oil!

- Georgia Buckland


Vegetable Quiche

 Ingredients: Veggies of your choice, one egg, mackerel can and oats

- Soak some oats in hot water
- Mix chopped veggies with softened oats, mackerel, egg and salt
- Bake how you'd normally bake a quiche

- Amy Hu

Minestrone Soup

- 3 medium carrots diced
- Frozen spinach (2 blocks)
- 1 tin of tomatoes
- Stock Cube
- 6 cups water
- 100g pasta

Bring the water and stock cube to a boil, add the diced carrots and tinned tomatoes and cook until the carrots are soft. Aff the pasta and cook according to packet instructions, adding the spinach during the last two minutes of cooking time. 

- Abi Harris

Next week we’ll be sharing our favourite sweet treats with you - stay tuned :)

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Also, did you know that Live Below the Line is so much easier with friends? You can pool ingredients and support each other throughout the week. Why not ask a friend to join you?

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