Challenge Mode for Dummies

27 Apr 2017

Today we’re celebrating all things challenge mode! Challenge mode is a great way to entice those reluctant donors by promising to do things outside of your comfort zone for certain amounts donated.

To get some ideas I asked some of our wonderful and ingenious participants about challenges they’d seen (or done) and loved!

Daisy had the great suggestion to record a thank you video for each donor. We know that having a face to face conversation about the challenge is the best way to get donations but a video would be a pretty good substitute!

Following on from the video idea Kristina thinks that personalising and recording a song for someone (no you don’t need to be Adele) is a pretty sure way to get those donors lining up!

Meanwhile. Patrick decided to take things a step further by offering to recreate a music video of his donor’s choice. Now the only question for his donors is what is the most embarrassing video that they can find on youtube for him?

Abigail decided to be even more creative by drawing a picture or portrait for her donors. Um? Yes please!!!

Amy knows how to make herself cringe (and get other people to donate) by giving donors access to those more questionable childhood photos she has stashed away. Even better, if she raises a certain amount overall she’ll make them available to everyone on facebook!

It seems embarrassing oneself works well for getting donations! Lucy is going the extra mile by letting her donors pick her outfit each day of the LBL challenge.

Natasha (yep that’s me), decided on a rather painful challenge mode - I’ll be running 1km per $1 raised. It seems the more discomfort that we volunteer to put ourselves in the more donors donate!

But on the other side of the spectrum Emily has offered to bake her donors cupcakes! Yummmmm.

We hope that this got your creative senses tingling and inspired you to come up with a great host of challenges for yourself. Let us know what you came up with :)

PS. To turn on Challenge Mode, go to your Dashboard and click on the tab that says 'Challenge Mode'.

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