Mary Elise

Sleeping on the Floor Progress

hello everyone, 
as shown in the image above, my sister and I have been sleeping on the floor, with only blankets and a pillowm nothing else. 

This is for the 'Shelter' Line. 

My back so far doesn't really hurt, but I most definitely miss my soft bed. 

Thank you!

Hello Everyone, 
Thank you very much for donating to Oaktree, to support those living in poverty in the Asia-Pacific region. 
I am more than half way through the challenge. 2 more days left!!
I will be posting more updates about the food I ate very soon

Kudos to my sister Clarissa, as well as my mum and dad for completing this challenge with me

:) Mary Elise

Day 1 Spendings

The image above outlines what I ate during the first day of Live Below the Line. We spent $5.41 for 4 people, meaning each person ate $1.36 worth of food today

Why am I Living Below the Line and What happens to your donations

From the 1st to the 5th of May, I will be completing Live Below the Line, a challenge where participants only get to spend $2 a day on food for 5 days, in order to experience what it is like to live below the (poverty) line, and understand the struggles that those who are less fortunate than me have to face every day. I will be completing this challenge with my family, meaning that we will have a total budget of $40 to spend during the week.

This year, I foresee this challenge being much harder due to rising costs of food. For example, frozen mixed vegetables used to be $1.50 per kg, but it is now $2.79 per kg, meaning that there is a 86% increase in the price of frozen vegetables, something that we ate quite often during Live Below the Line last year. 

I will also be completing a challenge in the 'Shelter' Line, by sleeping on the floor with just a pillow and a blanket. 

By donating to my page, you will help support Oaktree’s partners and programs to empower young people in the fight against poverty and injustices in the Asia-Pacific.

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Chin Kim Mooi

Hi Mary Elise, wishing you and your team all the best to complete this challenge !


Mary Heng

Hello Mary Elise give it your best to fulfill this meaningful challenge !




Mel Leong

Great job Mary Elise with living below the line n sharing with us how you did it!!


Rachel Judd

You girls are amazing activists!



Good on you Mary Elise


Margaret De Silva

Well done.


Eileen Phua

Go for it Mary Elise !! Good job !


Tan Family

You can do it! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


Annalei Warren

We are all very proud of you Mary Elise.



Keep it up :)


Kang Hui

Best of luck Mary Elise in supporting this cause!


J Lee


Jeanne Chang

Great job on all the extra research! Keen to hear how it goes.


Mui Chu



Christine Locke

Well done Mary- Elise! I am so proud of you!! Thank-you for sharing this with me.


Karmen Lay

Amazing work, Mary Elise! Well done on your efforts and hope you may keep on inspiring others with your passion and perseverance!!


Aunty Diana

Great charity work. Jia you! Mary Elise


Mrs Rowe

Good job on the fundraising Mary Elise!


Liam Calleja

Keep up the great work Mary Elise!


Sandie Tan

Well done Mary Elise


Jeremy Tofler

Well done Mary Elise on your participation in Live Below the Line! From Mr Tofler


Grace Gao

Well done Mary!


Neena Sachdev


Tiak Hee


Jemma Burt

Mary Elise, you're a superstar!


Chris Knight

Well done Mary Elise. You are a great inspiration to our community.


Ellena Darougheh

Proud of you Mary Elise!


Mr. Steiert

Well done Mary Elise for taking on the challenge of living below the line and volunteering your time every day during PAW week to support lunch time activities! You are an excellent role model for other members of the community. I thank you for all of your dedication and effort. Keep it up! :)


Marcelle Halstead-lyons

Bravo! Mary Elise! So proud of your fundraising efforts.


Genie Blamey

We are humbled by your deep compassion for others and willingness to make personal sacrifices to support a cause that you believe in. Thank you for being an inspiration.


Andrea Greenberg

Well done for taking on this worthy challenge!


Kylie Bennett

Well done Mary Elise!


Paris Tsiros

So proud of you! :)


Jen Mcneil

Good luck with your fundraising Mary Elise.


Thomas Tapley


Kieren Bennett

Good on you Mary Elise!


Mae Koh

Congrats on taking on this challenge and sharing your experiences with us.


Anna Peterson

Great job as usual, Mary Elise!


David Kuang

Well done Mary Elise!


Ting Hu

Mary Elise, your dedication to the Live Below the Line challenge is inspiring! Happy to contribute and support this important cause. Best of luck and keep making a difference!


Thalia Armen


Mr. Johanson

Well Done Mary Elise!


Michelle Culling

Good on you Mary Elise

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