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We deliver ground-breaking youth led advocacy campaigns here in Australia, and life-changing educational opportunities overseas.

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Ending extreme poverty is a complex issue, and we need your help to keep up the fight. Help us to sustain Oaktree's impact.

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Extreme poverty has already been halved. Oaktree is working to ensure every Australian knows we can end it.

In early October, 400 young Australians hit the road to deliver a clear message of hope, and reignite the movement to end poverty. We spoke with thousands of everyday Australians, hundreds of community groups and 100 federal MPs and Senators to make our message heard loud and clear: we've already come half way to ending poverty, and together, we can end it.

On International Anti-Poverty Day, we launched Within Our Reach, a short documentary celebrating the progress we've already made as a movement dedicated to ending extreme poverty. More than 200 screenings were held across the nation, spreading stories of passion, inspiration and change.

Now is your opportunity to join the movement.

Make a donation today, and help us to keep up the fight.

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