Taylah Findlay

Day 5 Reflections

Hi everyone! Today is my 5th and final day of eating below the Australian equivalent of the extreme poverty line for Oaktree's Live Below the Line 2022 campaign. Like previous years, I have been challenged both mentally and physically throughout the week. But even though I’ve felt like giving in a few times, I have officially made it to the final day of my challenge week! So in hopes of encouraging a few more donations, I want to explain why I do this and why it is so incredibly important to me. So if you have the time to spare, I encourage you to read some of my reflections below.

I have been taking on LBL for the past 6 years now, and to be quite honest I just genuinely love doing it! It is such a grounding experience to be able to momentarily put myself in the shoes of those doing it rough, while also reminding me about all the good in my life and the many things I take for granted daily. Not only this, but it also an opportunity to raise funds and much needed awareness for those who lack the vital resources and opportunities that are just given rights in the western world.

Although I find LBL to be such a valuable experience for myself and those who Oaktree are assisting, it doesn’t make it any easier. As I mentioned this week has challenged me in more ways than one. Having had a slower start to my fundraising than in previous years my motivation for undertaking challenge week was also lesser than usual. And although I still have raised an incredible $644 so far, it was hard not to be a little disheartened about feeling like I hadn’t pushed myself as hard to receive the support as I had in the past.

On top of this, I had been really feeling the effects of winter, now on my fourth week of having the flu. Combine this with working most days on a relatively empty stomach and fatigue, you can guess that the result was anything but pleasant (apologises to those who have had to put up with my hangriness this week).

I also came to realise the effect inflation is having on those who work tirelessly to be able to afford the bare minimum, with my $10 for the week not stretching nearly as far as I would have hoped. Having volunteered in a food relief program at Puddle Jumpers for the past year, I came to realise just how vital these services are for those who rely upon them.

And while the week continued, with my struggles of hunger, motivation, health and fatigue becoming more evident, there were two things keeping me going. Firstly, my beautiful kids in Cambodia who inspire me each and every day to want to do and be better. These kids deserve everything we have and more, and they are the reason I will continue partaking in challenges like LBL until we live in a world where poverty is eradicated. The second thing was the realisation that LBL isn't supposed to be easy. It's supposed to give you an insight of just how hard some people really do it day in and day out.

Ultimately, this is just 5 days out of the year for me. And as I prepare all my snacks for midnight when I can return to eating as normal I acknowledge that there are millions of people in our own neighbourhoods and right across the world who won’t get to make the same choice I do. Because what is a challenge to me is their real everyday life - with many living in conditions far worse than some of us will ever know. This is why I am so strict on the rules for challenge week and why I don’t just sneak in a cup of tea when things are low. Because if I can't even sacrifice 5 days out of the year to help those in need then how are things ever going to improve?

While I acknowledge that participating in LBL is only a very small glimpse into the world of extreme poverty and by no means a real experience of it, this campaign has a real impact. Oaktree works at the ground level to dismantle the systematic structures that keep the cycle of poverty ongoing. So please, I urge that if you are in a position to donate and you too would like to see poverty eradicated from our world please help by supporting me at the link below. I can assure you, that every little bit counts and gets us one step closer to drawing the line on poverty. And I for one, can't wait to see the day this dream becomes a reality! ???

I'm Living Below the Line in 2022...

Because I am acting for people and planet.

I believe in empowering young people in leading, demanding and creating positive social change. By donating to my page, you will help support Oaktree’s partners and programs to empower young people in the fight against poverty and injustices, close to home and in the Asia-Pacific.

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Harrison Bovington

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - Bats while trying to see things


Katie Findlay

No words will ever express how proud I am of you Taylah. You never stop fighting for those that can’t fight for themselves. ❤️


Philomena & Steve Bray

Job well done Taylah.



Very proud of you for doing this when you’re still so sick, it just goes to show that nothing can stop you from helping the world. You got this girl! xx


Granny & Grandad

You are one very exceptional young lady who we are so proud of.


Noreen Howland

Well done Taylah. So proud of you.


Fran Mcgarvey


Margaret Muldoon

Good Job TJ


Sayer Emily

Proud of you x


Eilis Murphy

So proud of you yet again!!


Cousin Christine

Well done Taylah. You are very inspiring and selfless.


Helen Smith

Well done Taylah, such a great cause



Taylah, so very proud of you and what you aim to achieve. To take on the challenge of only eating $2 a day worth of food while working in an establishment that serves meals shows what an amazing person you are. Love you - Granny


Mikayla & Jordan

We are forever proud of you! Never change who you are. Love you always xxx


Cathy Green


Elliahn Freer

Your dedication to this cause is inspiring. So proud of you. You are nearly there! ❤️❤️


Uncle Matt

So proud of you.


Solina Merlino

Well done Taylah


Bec Maloney


Luke Maloney


Maddi Mooney

you are amazing!!!


Tayla Angus




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So proud of you Taylah