Radford IB 2021 Team

We're Living Below the Line...

Because we believe in empowering young people in leading, demanding and creating change. Through Living Below the Line in 2021, we will have a small glimpse into what life can be like with limited choices. By donating to our page, you will help support Oaktree’s partners and programs in Timor Leste, Cambodia and Australia to empower young people in the fight against poverty and injustice.

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We’ll done Roshan!


Jacky Chen

Good job Georgia. Thanks.


Jane And Jim Lilley

Good luck Radford IB Team!



best of luck with the Challenge






Alexander Kokic



Bianca, Thank you for inspiring me to think about poverty and it’s effect on young people.


Travis Rutta


Grandma And Grandpa Ruta

What a great thing to do! Thank you for calling attention to the important topic.


Steve Zhang

Great work - very inspirational, well done Georgia!


Lindsay Mackerras

Such a worthy cause.


Penelope Lilley

This is a big challenge. Go well Molly.


Ailsa Mackerras

You people are an inspiration