Boyce & Michelle

Q&A with Boyce

1.What was the hardest part of the 5 days? Not being able to eat meatballs at Dads on the last night
2. Most enjoyed meal? Fried rice
3. Least enjoyed meal? Porridge 
4. Food you missed eating the most? Boba tea
5. Did you find living under the line easy or hard? Hard
6. What did you notice while doing the beach clean up?  People didn't clean up after a party (lollipop sticks, ribbon, balloons)
7. Will you be living below the line again next year? Yes!

Boyce helps homeless

Please donate. I learnt about this in class and did a whole lesson on it. Mum and I are doing the waste and food, so please donate. Thanks. 

I'm Living Below the Line in 2022...

Because I am acting for people and planet.

I believe in empowering young people in leading, demanding and creating positive social change. By donating to my page, you will help support Oaktree’s partners and programs to empower young people in the fight against poverty and injustices, close to home and in the Asia-Pacific.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Tracy Stephenson

Good luck with your challenge! Amazing effort xx Love Uncle Stevo, Aunty Tracy, Marley, Lola & Floyd xx


Katherine, Chris And Abigail

Well done team! Xx


Shaun Carly Maci Isla And Lola

Awesome work Boyce and Shell.


Haley Johnston

What a team! Huge hearts xx


Gerry And Carol Murphy

Great work guys! XX


Dad & Kaz

Nice Job Mate!! 👍🏻


Sandra & Brad

Great work guys! xx


Margaret Palmer



Mirella Hogan

Proud of you both and love you always xx


The Wards

You two are awesome, such a great cause. Good luck x


Michelle Muphy


Phoenix Mangos


Amanda Healy

Wonderful work Boyce xxx


Boyce Murphy