Dinner (Day 3 & 4)- Rice with Tomato and Beans

This challenge has BEAN really difficult 

Thanks to those who have supported me!!

Lunch (Day 2) - Peas

Peas donate to me

Lunch (Day 1) - Pesto Pasta w/ Peas & Capsicum

Trying to pack as many veggies & nutrients into my food before my English exam tomorrow :D

I also didn't want to cook individual meals, so I made a 3 meals worth of pasta. (I shall cook rice later this week)

I'm Living Below the Line in 2022...

Because I am acting for people and the planet.

I believe in empowering young people in leading, demanding and creating positive social change. By donating to my page, you will help support Oaktree’s partners and programs to empower young people in the fight against poverty and injustices, close to home and in the Asia-Pacific.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Goodall Storage

Well done Mel.


David Kwok

Your day two gives your aunty Iris nightmares. Good luck!


Emily Jones

Good luck Mel! From Auntie Emily & Uncle Robbie



Great efforts for keeping it going, good on you Mel!



Well done Mels! Good luck xx


Tina Lau

Well done Melanie!!!!!!


Annie Kwok

Bad cooking photos, please. 😂



Good on you Mel! 😘


May Chung

Great contribution Melanie!


Cindy Luu

Well done Mel!


Carol Wong

Well done Melanie for your hard work and kindness ❤️


Ness ? Kwok

i just lost the game


Aunty Helen & Aunty Kim

Excellent Mel Mel! So proud of you 💝♥️


Nicola Petrou


Julie (aunty Apple)

Welldone Mel Mel! Very proud of you♥️


Wei Lew

Very good girl Mel! 💖


Aunty Lynn (kissy Lady ?)

Awesome work Mel Mel❣️ very proud of you 😘