I'm Living Below the Line in 2022...

This week I will be living below the poverty line.

The "Line" means a lot to a lot of people and looks different for so many. From the 25th to the 29th of July I will be completing a variety of challenges to attempt to see the effects poverty has on all aspects of life. The way I will be doing this is by...

- Demonstrating the effects of poverty on food security. I will be surviving of 10 dollars for the whole week (Yep! thats two dollars a day)

-I will be realising the privileged access I have to energy by only having cold showers for the whole week

-I will also be sleeping outside for one night to attempt to fathom the effects poverty has on access to safe and stable housing

This is still not comparable to the experiences of those in extreme poverty but I am keen to use my platform to share these experiences in a way that allows us all to have a better grasp on the experience of extreme poverty.

If you believe in the mission I would be so appreciative of any donations you feel comfortable providing to this cause. All the finds go towards helping Oaktree empower young people across the Pacific to break cycles of poverty through education, social enterprise and empowerment.

 Other ways you could support is by following @livebelowtheline on Instagram and share some of the incredible infographics the team have created.

Thank you so much for following me on my journey over the next week!

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Thank you to my Sponsors



Don’t starve


Roz Ford

Good to see your social conscience is highly evolved. Well done Jack. XX


Tom Saxton




From Ma x




Ashley Penrose


Paul And Vanessa

Great work Jack. Looking fit as well. You must be maintaining your active lifestyle


Danielle Snowdon

Go Jacko! From the Snowdons xxxx


Jeanti Profaca