Indi Danansooriya


LAST DAY!! Took the train and walked to uni + caught up w an old friend and walked back to melbourne central from uni. Good chats and it was so good taking our time walking through the city... 10/10 would recommend. 

Literally didnt take photos of anything today, so heres a random pic of Mario i found in my camera roll. 

Day 3 & 4

I have to admit, day 3 i failed :( I had work all day and the thought of waking up extra early on a cold winter morning, walking to work, standing on my feet all day and then walking back was not very appealing. But I will make up for it on sunday when my day is shorter. 

 Day 4: 
I didn't go out much on this day cos i was crushing out a ginormous essay. I walked to my local coffee shop and back :D 

Day 2 :D

Hugs, kisses and smothering cuddles to those who donated yesterday <3 

Didnt do much commutin today but i did see these pretty trees on one of my walks. i also took a train in the afternoon and walked to meet up w a friend, it was freeeeeezing at night but im built different ;p 

mwah ? 

Day 1!!

Thanks so much to all those who donated so far <333 much love. 

Today i carpooled to and from my house to the station and walked from melb central to uni because im a firm believer in not paying for trams :D Wanted to walk around more but i had a group assignment :( See ya tomorrow ;)

I'm Living Below the Line in 2023...

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Indi Danansooriya

Getting to the line :D




Dad And Bug



U go girl



Proud of you for doing LBL, you’ve got this. Love, Dip.


Sister + Mother

im watching u 📸 - rav



thanks for the car 🙏🏾





Megan Pinto

Go Gorl!!!


Athrina Atabak

thoughts and prayers 🫡