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Support Me as I Live Below the Line

From the 1st to the 5th of May I will be "Living Below the Line" in an effort to support those who may be less fortunate. By living on $2 a day I get the chance to experience what is a reality for many people living in poverty and spread the awareness of their situation. 

By donating you are giving myself and others hope that there can be a change in the world. It will motivate us and show us that we are able to make a difference.

Please support me as I "Live Below the Line" so that others can rise above it. :)

My $10 Meal Plan for the Week

Here is my $10 meal plan for 5 days!

When planning my meals I struggled a lot trying to come up with a healthy and balanced diet without going over the budget.

Make sure to come back to follow along on my journey, I will be sharing photos of my meals and how it's going throughout the week.

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What I bought

After my trip to the shops, this is what I ended up getting for the 5 days!

Bread (1/2 loaf) - $0.50

Rice (3 cups) - $1.2

2 Eggs - $0.68

4 Sausages - $1.80

3 Slices of Ham - $0.62

Carrot (150g) - $0.11

Corn (1/2) - $0.67

1 Potato - $0.52

1 Bok choy - $0.74

2 Mandarins - $0.57

2 Apples - $0.75

1 Banana - $0.48

Milk 1L - $1.35

Total: $9.99

My Journey

How I'm going with the challenge... (will be updated throughout the week)

Day #1
~ The Challenge Begins! ~
Today was my first time living on $2 a day. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I was definitely very hungry throughout the day. Surprisingly I actually had an extra bit of Bokchoy which meant I could add it to my dinner, but I was so jealous of my family who had so much more food than me. Hopefully I will survive the next 4 days without feeling too hungry or tired. :D

Day #2
~ How Much Longer?! ~
Today was brutal. I had to go out to the city which meant a lot of walking. I ended up feeling really hungry as I didn't account for the energy I would end up using throughout the day. I didn't eat my fruit though, which means that I can save it for another day. Almost halfway through, 3 days to go! :0

Day #3
~ Halfway there! ~
It's the middle of the week and I am so ready for this challenge to be over already. With only 2 days to go I am proud of myself for making it this far without feeling too bad. With everyone's support it has really motivated and encouraged me to make it through to the end of the week.

Day #4
~ One more day to go! ~
There's only one more day after this which means it's almost over. Since my friends and family are doing this as well, it has definitely helped with not giving up and giving in to the temptation of eating food I didn't plan for the week. This has also made me realise how much a truly eat, even in 5 days, because I feel hungry a lot mostly because I don't get to snack after school until dinner. Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge and I am looking forward to it. :D

Day #5
~ The End....? ~
Today is probably the best day because I it's the last day. I am so happy it's almost over, but I am grateful that I did this because it was a real eye-opener. I will be waiting for 12am tonight so I can eat a bunch of food ( AKA a bunch of candy :P ) Hopefully this will be the last time I have to see my family eat more food than me... I might do it again next year though.

After doing the 'LBTL' challenge I realised many things. One of the things was that I wouldn't be able to survive like this for the rest of my life. I felt so hungry all the time and when it was time to eat I ate so quickly that it was gone under 10 minutes. Another thing I realised was that I was still living a lot better than those living in poverty. Even though I was living on $2 a day I still had a comfortable bed, a warm house and technology which was still a lot better than the situation others are going through. Having a roof over my head was something I began to be really grateful for because I realised my privilege. This whole journey was unexpectedly enlightening and I may do it again next year.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported me and this cause, it really motivated me to push through this challenge. :)

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Thank you to my Sponsors




Annabelle & Jon

You can do it Chloe! :)


Liz Teo

So proud of you Chloe! You've got a big heart. Can't wait to do this with you next week! Love from mum.




Randolph & Sue


Eugene Teo

Well Done Chloe! I am very proud of you on doing this!



Popo is so proud of you. You’ve got a kind heart. Take care of yourself.


Evelyn Siew


Lim Family






Paul Kleynhans

Well Done keep up the good work


Joshua & Jayden

Well done, Chloe!


Joshua Lee

This is a great cause!



You got this Chloe! Thanks for making a difference :)



Well done Chloe for making a difference.




Annabelle Tay

Go Chloe! Please take care of yourself!☺️☺️



What a great way to show support and to better understand the challenges that many around the world face. Well done Chloe.


Simon Sam

Great initiative - That is a tough meal plan!


Megan Phoon


Michael Vetter

Well Done Chloe


Tom Lawless


Chloe Teo




Peter Lego



Well done Chloe. Great effort. Unve Pim and Auntie Anne


Ellena Darougheh

Proud of you! :)


Paris Tsiros

Very proud of you!


Thomas Tapley


Dr. Mayank

Awesome job, Chloe! Your "Live Below the Line" activity is super cool and really helps bring attention to the challenges faced by people living in poverty. Keep crushing it and making a difference!



there ya go


Mighty Sir Reshen

Good job Chloe, you should be super proud of yourself for the selfless deed you have made. Keep being the great human being you are :)


Mr Aldrich Liem



Ariel Ling




So inspirational miss


Daisy :d

Go Chloe! Good luck with your empathetic eating challenge this week, kudos to you for living below the line to support others in need to rise above it!


Ms Barling

Go Chloe!!! :)


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Lily Y

go chloe!!!

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