Anshuk Narayan

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 and 4 were undoubtedly the worst and I continuously lost focus and craved food throughout the day. This is even the cause of me forgetting to add the day 3 update. 
If it was not for the faint mental reminder in the back of my mind, I would have definitely forgotten to update all of your wonderful donators on this experience.

This experience was one of the most prominent that I have experienced, and I would like to thank all my sponsors for driving me this far and motivating to keep trying and it is not too late to be a part of my journey!

Day 2 update

Day 2 was relatively harder than day 1, due to the increased number of classes that drained my energy. By time all of it ended I was exhausted and eagerly consumed my dinner. However, it was limited because of the budget constraints. One could say that the classes took my mind off food, however in the end I felt hungrier

Overall, day 2 was a success!

Day 1 update

Today was a hectic day with me always thinking about food entering the kitchen knowing that I was unable to eat anything. However, the feeling of knowing that I was simply feeling a mere portion of what many suffer day and night fuelled me and encouraged me to complete day one. 

I was exuberant after having lunch, because breakfast was short-lived due it only consisting of a banana. I was not necessarily feeling hungry but there were minor changes to my focus and I experienced small headaches here and there. However, overall day one had some challenges which I was able to overcome. 

Overall, I am excited for the challenge that awaits during this week!

My live below the line planning!

Two criteria I had to look out for was the budget and adequate nutrition. In other words, I was making sure I had enough to eat and not be starving and also be under the budget. To tackle the budget issue, I bought items that were on sale and also avoided fresh vegetables, meat and established brands. Not only this, but I needed to make sure to not have any unhealthy snacks as they would be an issue to both criteria and also to avoid eating out.  These factors greatly impacted the welfare of my planning and really helped me in deciding what to be consuming.

Due to these criteria, I decided on consuming a banana as a snack and also a breakfast, with 2 kilograms equating to $2.2. Also, for lunch and dinner each day I would eat chickpeas and rice, or red kidney beans and Indian flat bread. This including condiments would equal to the remaining $7.8. 

Overall, this is a balanced, yet cheap diet which suits all my criteria and will allow me to thrive in the next week. 

I'm Living Below the Line in 2023...

Because I am acting for people and planet.

I believe in empowering young people in leading, demanding and creating positive social change. By donating to my page, you will help support Oaktree’s partners and programs to empower young people in the fight against poverty and injustices, close to home and in the Asia-Pacific.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Archana Sisodia

HI Anshuk, You have turn good intentions into actions through this fundraising. Bless you!! Archana Sisodia


Anish Narayan

Keep it going brother super proud of you!


Shyam Narayan

Great leadership Son



Thank you very much Anshuk for this initiative.


Sunil Shenoy

Keep up the good work Anshuk


Vish Rajendran

Keep up the good work, Anshuk.Best wishes.


Tiasha Sahu

Well Done Anshuk! You are working for a good cause. Very much appreciated.


Niranjan Prabhu

Good work for a great cause Anshuk Best wishes


Ramkiran Uchuru



All the best Anshuk. Great initiative


Kavita Singh

All the best Ansukh


Priyal Potabatti

Well done on driving a good cause, Anshuk. All the best.


Ganesh Mane

All the best Anshuk. Keep up the good work



Great work


Param Parmar

Good Work, Keep it up.


Freya Jain

Wish you all the very best Anshuk.


Ganesh Karthik Jonnalagadda

Great work Anshuk for a noble cause!! Well done!!



All the best Anshuk


Rahul B

Hi Anshuk, Wishing the very best! Regards, Rahul


Manish Kumar Sarswat

All the. Best


Sid Satish

Best of luck Anshuk! To many more such initiatives….


Gurpreet Singh




Sandeep Gupta

Hey Anshuk, congratulations to your team who at this young age are looking at problems that common people face which is beyond the usual. Proud of you and hope we can eradicate the poverty of rhe face of earth with more such efforts.


Sheela Pandey

I am delighted that you are participating in this noble cause.


Swaraj Pandey

GL! It makes me happy seeing you take this great initiative at such a young age. 🖖



All the best









Go Shuky!


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