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We're Living Below the Line...

...because we believe in empowering young people in leading, demanding and creating change.  By Living Below the Line in 2022, we'll be supporting incredible young people across the Asia-Pacific to lead change and fight injustice in their communities to make the world a better place :)

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The Miller Family & Co

This is an amazing effort Rach! Keep up the incredible work. We all love you and are proud of you each and every day. x


Stephanie Armstrong

Well done Nathan. Love your work.


Susan Webb

Keep following your dreams


Heather Strong




Rachel Miller

You are a bloody inspiration!


Emma Nixon

You superstar !



I love and support you in everything you do. You inspire me ❤❤


Liz Barnard

Well done Rach. We are very proud of you


Claudia D


Karen Cook

Keep challenging yourself Rach 😊


Amy & Nick Henry

Great cause, you are a star!!


Cindy Hansen

What an inspiration Rachel


Rachel Cook



Proud of you Rach x


Deb Carlisle

Great cause Rach.. Good luck with the challenge..😘


Amy Raffe

Amazing effort once again xx


Tegan Herrick

Go rach!!!


Georgia Taylor

Hope you’re keeping warm out there! Great stuff! xx


Nathan Linton


Judy Cyngler

Incredible work! Good luck with LBL this year.


Tessa Aldridge

So incredible!!


Janet Cook


Emily Chugg

Good luck for the challenge Nathan, hope everything is going well!!


Carley Ball

Amazing Rach! 👏🏻👏🏻


Emily Chugg

*rounding it up to $15, was trying to split it between a few Oaktree people I knew but there's only a few left doing the challenge x


Lauren Zammit

You’re a superstar Rach! ✊





Enjoy that peanut butter!


Cosette Pearce

So proud of you Rach! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Jeremy Carlisle

Congrats on reaching your goal and putting the word out #AssinRassinsRepresent


Emily Chugg

Wishing you all the best of luck for this week and the challenge!