Day 6

A little loss overnight - 'not helped', I'd say, by my son not finishing his KFC and me not wanting to waste food.
There wasn't much, but enough, later at night, to not be metabolised sufficiently for a greater weight loss.

Day 5 - what now ...?

I will have my last egg today, for Dinner.

Plenty of milk and oats left over for a few more days of porridge (Breakfast today, Sun, Mon; Tues Dinner, and Brekkie rest of week).

Yeah. Stuff it. I'm feeling OK, going beyond my five days.
And I have a roof over my head.

4 slices of bread (less than I could have had, as I doubled up on Fri with two sandwiches, thinking I was finishing*, and the grill sandwich from last night) ... 1 with egg tonight, 1 with open grill for Lunch tomorrow, 2 for sandwich Mon.
3 slices of cheese ... 1 as a variation on Fri night with it plonked on tonight's egg, 1 with Lunch tomorrow, 1 with Mon sandwich.

That way, my $19 effectively stretches over 8 days - not including my special 'treat' Sun night, and free brekkie with a mate on Tues - with some more porridge scrumptiousness throughout the week.
That's closer to the $2/ day. But it's a stretch.

Might have to re-try the 2-minute noodles from a previous year ...

Day 5

Wow. That was quite the plunge ...

Day 4

Slight 'stumble' last night ... my lethargy lasagne made me heat up a 2nd portion of my alfredo chicken, but my daughter wanted eggs instead (I failed to listen).

My son had a go at the 2nd portion, but there were leftovers ... and, ironically, I hate to waste food, so I ate it (and I hadn't bene able to try my own cooking during the week).

Result = Little bit of weight gain.

End of Day 3

If only inflation and interest rates could take such a dive ...

Not the reason I'm doing this ...

... but another 'impact' ...

The 2023 'diet' ...

chose a few different things this year, budget seems to have blown out.

A few justifications listed previously.

It is what it is (now defunct phrase, but I'm still using it).

Just read this ...

A new study has found a link between regular consumption of processed food - often the 'go-to' food of those struggling putting fresh food on the dinner table - and depression.

I often wondered Re the link between food and the chemical processes in the body, beyond the obvious digestion.

Copy-and-paste this for the web search:

2021 diet (I could only manage two days post-COVID in 2022)

... still tweaking my 2023 diet. Will display soon.

Can you even live on $2/ day?

Day 2

It's not all about losing weight.

But the visual impact on 'general health' is obvious.

Inner health - mind, body and soul - is another level entirely.

Today, it begins ...

Porridge for Brekkie.
Swiss cheese on dry bread, no butter, toasted for Lunch.
Poached egg on dry toast.

Think I might flip things around a little for Tuesday, go a little crazy.

This is what $20 gets you.
For 5 days = $4/ day.
7 = $3/ day.
10 = $2/ day.

Will be interesting to see what I have left over after 5 and go from there.
Oats will go beyond the five (probably double what I need), and ten slices of cheese (ditto).

It's easier to shop for two weeks.
But tweaking this, halving the cheese drops $2.50.
Halving the oats drops $0.70.
That drops me to about $16.

Apples were maybe a bad choice (nearly double the price of bananas, could have saved nearly $2), but I wanted some variety beyond bananas ... and avoid too much potassium.

Imagine having to think like this?
All the time.
I have an end-point. There is no end in sight for people with very little.

I'm Living Below the Line in 2023...

Because I am acting for people and planet.

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