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Our Team

Our leadership team have a wealth of experience and are skilled speakers. Click here to book an Oaktree speaker.

Sashenka Worsman

Chief Executive Officer

Sash commenced as CEO in January 2017. Born and raised in war torn Sri Lanka, Sash has an unwavering passion and desire to lead young people in creating a world where equality, justice and peace are common place. You can often find Sash trying out new things, from bungee jumping in South Africa to Skiing in Japan and even cooking (yes, that’s new to Sash!). Having completed a double degree in Law and International Studies, Sash has worked in development, peace building, youth advocacy and most recently worked for World Vision as the National Director of their Youth Movement. 


Alex McLean

Chief of Staff 
Contact: a.mclean@theoaktree.org
Picture of Alex

Alex is not only our most hilarious exec member but is also passionate about supporting our state volunteers around the country. Since starting at Oaktree in 2016, Alex has helped create our first diversity plan and strategy and has been working hard at creating a more diverse and inclusive Oaktree. Outside of Oaktree, Alex loves many things, including outrageous colourful clothing, food, and disco music.  

Christine Deng

Head of International Engagement
Contact: c.deng@theoaktree.org

Christine first joined Oaktree in 2015, volunteering in various roles before stepping in as Head of International Engagement in September 2017. She knows that young people are a passionate and capable bunch, and play a crucial role in creating a fairer, more equitable world. Christine loves working alongside our partners in the Asia-Pacific region, and is most excited about work that shifts power structures and challenges the status quo. When not at Oaktree, you can find Christine studying a Master of Public Health, eating delicious, locally grown food, and roller-skating by the beach.  

 Esther Wan

Chief Financial Officer (Outgoing)

Contact: e.wan@theoaktree.org

Esther has followed her father's footsteps to pursue a career in Accounting. She can't seem to run away from volunteering her time to causes she believes in, co-founding The Village School Project when she was still in her teens. She loves creating beautiful things in Microsoft Excel, namely lists. What are her plans for the future? You may find that in an Excel sheet. 


Dhanush Girish

Chief Financial Officer (Incoming)

Contact: d.girish@theoaktree.org


Dhanush joined Ernst and Young immediately after high school as part of their Private Client Services practice in the Tax division, and has worked there for the past two years whilst studying a Bachelors of Commerce degree at The University of Melbourne. Dhanush is passionate about providing all young people the opportunity to thrive and achieve their goals. He has been volunteering as the Director of Finance and executive board member at the Strive Student Health Initiative and as a Project Consultant at the Global Consulting Group.



Stacey Batterham

Head of Campaigns

Contact: s.batterham@theoaktree.org

Stacey started at Oaktree in 2014, working on the End Poverty Roadtrip. Over the last four years, Stacey has worked on mass mobilisation campaigns and political advocacy, engaging thousands of Australians on issues around poverty and aid. Stacey is passionate about the participation of young people across all sectors, particularly youth driven campaigning. 

Amy Pearce

Head of Marketing and Fundraising 

Contact: a.pearce@theoaktree.org

Amy joined Oaktree in 2016 and comes from a background in digital and print marketing. When she's not pitching for innovative strategies around fundraising, marketing or communications, you can find Amy sitting in the sunshine or talking about the sunshine on a cloudy day. Amy may be one of our newest members on the team, but her motivation and passion towards young people and the power they have to create change is at the forefront of her work.

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