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Say hello to the team.

Or the few people who let us talk about them on our website.

Chris Wallace 

Outgoing CEO 

Chris is a leader, strategist and mountain bike rider currently serving as CEO of youth-run anti-poverty organisation Oaktree. He has seen the power of young people to create change and is passionate about ending the injustice of poverty. Previously, he's worked with refugees, lead youth groups, worked in an inner-city law firm, and spent too much time fiddling with bikes and drinking good coffee.

Gaby Perdomo 

Chief of Staff 

Gaby is not only our most hilarious exec member but is also passionate about supporting our state volunteers around the country. Starting in the Victorian state branch in 2012, Gaby has experienced first hand the importance of grassroots actions in building a movement to end extreme poverty. In her spare time she likes to learn rap songs, brunch and day dream about being Leo McGarry. 

Geordie Fung 

Head of International Engagement

Geordie, the second son of two ballet dancers, has limited interest in ballet and maximum interest in working with impact-driven and innovative organisations in the Asia-Pacific. He has worked at Monash University, collecting egg cartons for a project on food policy and regulation, with the International Development Law Organisation on human rights in Timor-Leste and at Bounce working on trampolines. 

Esther Wan


Esther has followed her father's footsteps to pursue a career in Accounting. She can't seem to run away from volunteering her time to causes she believes in, co-founding The Village School Project when she was still in her teens. She loves creating beautiful things in Microsoft Excel, namely lists. What are her plans for the future? You may find that in an Excel sheet.   


Stacey Batterham 

Head of Campaigns

Stacey started at Oaktree in 2014, working on the End Poverty Roadtrip. Since then, she’s overseen our political engagement work, and stepped into the role of Deputy Head of Campaigns for 2016. As Head of Campaigns, she’s now leading our advocacy work in Australia- running campaigns and engaging decision-makers on the issue of poverty.

Amy Pearce 

Head of Marketing and Fundraising 

Amy joined the Oaktree team in 2016, and is leading a team of awesome volunteers to work on exciting fundraising and promotion initiatives.

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