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Awareness Day

World Youth Skills Day 2019

World Youth Skills Day highlights the importance of technical education and development of a wide array of skills on a global level. 

Young people have the power to impact global change and education creates opportunities for innovation and creativity. These skills are key to achieving success in all fields of life. In Australia, World Skills promotes the celebration of vocational training and the importance these careers have to Australia and the world. 

Education Globe

Education is a key determinant of success when it comes to employment but the current system fails to address the diverse needs of youth today. Now around the world young people are three times more likely to be unemployed and stay unemployed. Young people also experience greater inequalities in the labour market as well and more insecure school-to-work transitions. Skilled young people should not be left behind and enhancing access to education, decent work opportunities, entrepreneurship and eliminating gender disparity across the global will promote inclusive and sustainable economic development. These goals are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that is aimed at supporting young people economically develop. 

Giving youth the best chance at success always starts with education. At Oaktree we recognise the key role that education plays in developing the skills needed to create change. Education allows us to seize and create opportunities to empower ourselves. Our partnership with KAPE and their Girl’s Education Initiative (GEI) has been able to effectively break cycles of disempowerment through the provision of scholarship funding for young people in Cambodia. Our follow-up partnered project with KAPE, KYLA, has demonstrated this as graduates from GEI have returned to their communities and now are creating lasting impact breaking the cycle of poverty. One GEI grad described how after she finished high school she could not afford to study further and wanted to give up – “I got money from KAPE and continued to study… Now I work in a social enterprise and can work and be happy with life now and can keep gaining new experiences”.

 GEI student activity

Even on home soil we also provide our volunteers with invaluable skills to prepare them for their career. We transform hundreds of young Australians into agents of change, empowering them to advocate for a more just world and youth participation in Australian policy. Working alongside passionate people to fight injustice creates a sense of power and hope among young people and the influence we have when we work together. 

Our Student Ambassadors are part of the next generation of agents of change in Australia and play a key role in effecting change in the wider community. Through Oaktree they develop the skills to being effective community engagers and leaders. Our skills workshop provides a forum to learn effective project management, teamwork, media pitching and lobbying local politicians. Fostering these skills when people are young gives them the springboard to launch into being key contributors in challenging global issues. 

Sounds like something you want to be a part of? Start your journey at Oaktree today.