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Youth Exchange Launches


Oaktree has recently launched a new initiative called Youth Exchange, which involves young people in our region learning from each other in order to strengthen social change. We recognise that we have so much to learn from young leaders in the Asia Pacific, and therefore Youth Exchange seeks to build equal relationships with youth led organisations in our region to facilitate mutual learning and collaboration. These partnerships provide a chance for young people on our region to work collaboratively, share ideas and skills to grow personally and as a movement. It is a unique program based on shared passion and vision for social change rather than money (these partners are not funded but instead youth led organisations similar to Oaktree throughout the Asia-Pacific).

Our partners include The Voice in PNG, Pravah in India and Youth Resource Development Program in Cambodia. We have already had great success with this program with trips to PNG and India, as well as hosting youth ambassadors from The Voice and Youth Resource Development Program.

The Youth Exchange launch event was held on 11th February and was a great success. It was co-hosted by Oaktree and The Voice, who each shared about their vision for equal partnerships, and then led to a panel discussion with some excellent speakers from the social change sector sharing their insights. There were great conversations with professionals from the sector about peer partnership and the future of building equal partnerships in order to achieve sustainable social change.  Overall it was a very informative and interesting night and a great way to launch this new initiative.

Through promoting the learnings from our Youth Exchange peer partnerships, Oaktree hopes to create a space in which to consider the challenges facing partnership, and we’re excited to explore the future opportunities for collaboration with peer organisations. This conversation aims to promote a broad shift in the perspective of the Australian public about our role in the Asia-Pacific and the value of meaningful partnership.