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Youth Exchange

Connecting young people

Youth Exchange is about young people across the Asia-Pacific learning from each other in order to see positive social change. The tools to create this social change looks different in different contexts – our peer partnership collaborations have focused on a range of activities, such as:

  • Our Cambodian peer partners meeting with Australian politicians during Oaktree’s 2014 Roadtrip, in order to inform their own political engagement work in Cambodia.

  • Hosting representatives from our peer partner in Papua New Guinea, allowing Oaktree volunteers to learn from their successes with youth engagement.

Oaktree volunteer Chloe facilitated a workshop during her Youth Exchange trip to Myanmar. Check our her story here.

Youth Exchange is partnerships based on equality, mutual learning and collaboration to achieve social change. We recognise that we have so much to learn from young people in our region who are leading social change in their communities. Youth Exchange is therefore an initiative that seeks to connect young Australians with youth in the Asia-Pacific to facilitate strong partnerships based not just on money, but our shared humanity.

Youth Exchange is about more than just idea sharing – its about action. Its about how we support each other to equip young people to be leaders in their own communities. 

Youth Exchange aims to do this in 3 ways:

Goal 1: Collaborate with young people through direct skills sharing and mutual capacity development

Goal 2: Educate and inspire the Oaktree community about the role young leaders play in ending poverty

Goal 3: Creating a broad shift in the perspective of the Australian public about our role in the region and the value of meaningful partnership