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Meet your MP

Meet your MP

Over the last two months, we've gathered the support of 10,000 Australians, demanding that our government:

One, takes action on tax reform that doesn’t forget the world's poor.

Two, gives their fair share of aid.

At the G20, we made our voices heard: world leaders made a commitment to fighting tax avoidance, and pledged to take steps to include developing countries in the reforms.

This is good news, and it's a step in the right direction, but the fight is far from over.

Help us make sure that your MP knows that Australians care about the issue of extreme poverty, and expect our government to continue to take action.

We've put together a novelty cards for each MP, representing the voices of the 10,000 Australians who signed our petition -- and we want you to deliver them, in person.

Register your interest here and we'll email you a personalised card for your MP, and support you to set up your meeting.

The 93 meetings we had with political leaders in Canberra made an important impact on the way they see the  issue of extreme poverty. Meeting with your MP again will show that we are serious about seeing political change on this issue.

Register now to meet your MP and deliver a powerful message.

Here's an example of what the cards look like.