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This is a space for you to learn and refresh your knowledge on our organisation’s internal teams and external impact. This section looks inward at Oaktree’s structure, and required knowledge and useful training for your volunteer journey. 

If you would like to contribute, please email the Head of People and Culture, Hanna
> h.mccreath@oaktree.org with the subject; My Tree  

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Induction Resources to help you settle in to Oaktree and get started

Communicating with each other 

See an organisation structure as well as guidelines on who to talk to and when.  

Talking about Oaktree

Equipping you to be an excellent communicator of our work
Tools for your Tree

Internal presentations, Modules and Fact Sheets to help with daily tasks




Resources to help you settle in to Oaktree and get started

Screenshot (64).png

Welcome to Oaktree! Please read the Welcome Pack before your first day. 
Links to relevant forms for New Volunteers
  1. Fill out this form 

  2. Download a copy of the Induction Checklist 

  3. Read the Representative Code of Conduct

  4. Read the Child Protection Code of Conduct 

  5. All volunteers must have a  Working with Children's Check. Once you have received your WWCC ID, please email the number to h.mccreath@oaktree.org
    > VIC volunteers go here and click "Start Application"
    QLD volunteers click here for the form
    > SA

Connecting with our Internaitonal Engagement (IE) work

  • Informative video from the IE Team.  

  • IE induction presentation (compulsory session) 
  • Communicating IE presentation  (compulsory session in Induction) 


MANAGERS/ASD: Inducting a volunteer? Follow the steps here


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 Communicating across branches and leaves

Screenshot (63).png

  • Organisation Stucture

    View a comprehensive diagram of the Oaktree family, showing team and management structure.

  • Oaktree Teams 

    Read about team's role, vision and structure.

  • Guidelines 

    Ensure you have the run-down on how to find resources about our International Engagement.




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How to talk about Oaktree


  • Communicating International Engagement 
Brand Training


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Tools for your Tree

INTERNAL presentations, Modules and Fact Sheets about our Organisation and for our volunteer’s daily work.


Coming Soon

  •  The Theory behind talking about development: the do’s and don’t of talking Oaktree, poverty and development.

  • Nation Builder: Nation Builder is a powerful movement-building tool that is as useful as it is sometimes confusing. But never fear! You too can learn the ins and outs of how to build a nation right here.

Resources from our International Engagement Team
  • Screenshot_(93).png
  • Coming Soon: Why education?    Why Asia-Pacific?



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