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Payments & Reimbursements form.
Folder of all Legal Policies here

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MONEYTREE If you have paid for something on behalf of Oaktree or need to pay an external, check out the Payments & Reimbursements Section. 

  View the Finance Policies for the do's and don't of Reimbursements, Cash Cards and Authories. 
Explore the Training Resources for useful Budget and Excel Training. 

LEGALITREE See the Legal Team's areas of work:
Risk Assessment

Find a template and guide for Risk Assessments


Frequently Requested Documents

Find useful documents 
Links to all of Oaktree’s policies.

Reporting an Incident or Making a Complaint

For making an internal complaint or reporting an Incident. 

Child Protection FAQs and Consent Form


Child Protection Training Module

Read about your responsibilities under the Child Protection Policy, then complete the Child Protection Training Module.

Want to run your own fundraiser for Oaktree? Here's how to do it. 

Moneytree (Finance) 

Payments & Reimbursements

If you have paid for something on behalf of Oaktree or need to pay an external you can use this form.
(Note that all payments need to be approved by the budget holder prior to payment)

Finance Policies 

Coming Soon 

  1. Reimbursements
  2. Cash cards
  3. Authorities
Training Resources  
  1. Budget training   (Coming Soon) 
  2. Excel Training     (contact finance@oaktree.org)

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Welcome to the Legal page, below are some of the areas that we work in.

Commercial Services 

If you need assistance with any of the areas below, please ask your Manager or directly contact the Legal Team legal@theoaktree.org 

  • Contracts, MOUs & Agreements - Providing advice and drafting assistance on any agreements made with third parties, especially of a commercial nature
  • Insurance - Oaktree events and/or projects must be covered by our insurance policies
  • Contracts - what to do and who to contact
  • General Legal Support
  • Trademarks & Intellectual Property: ensuring our logos, media and ideas of Oaktree are protected

Risk Assessment & Management
  • Template: all risk assessments must be filled out in the appropriate form.
  • Risk Assessment Guide 

    The guide is designed to be a one-stop shop resource for understanding your obligation in respect of Risk Management at Oaktree. This is in particular designed for initiative leads, events teams and Overseas Trip Leaders. If you have a question and can’t find the answer in this guide then please get in touch with either the National Director of Legal or the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Frequently Requested documents  




If you are drafting a legal document or require support, please ask your Manager or directly contact the Legal team at legal@theoaktree.org



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Ensuring that all volunteers abide by a uniform standard of conduct throughout Oaktree in areas such as privacy, workplace behaviour, child safety, dispute resolution etc.
Click on Policy Title to go to link 

Representative Code of Conduct

This policy aims to ensure that the Oaktree complies with national standards for volunteer involvement and meets ‘best practice’ in the management of volunteers. You are required to read the code and will be asked to agree to the terms as part of your registration process.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy explains how Oaktree handles personally identifiable information collected from participants and donors. It sets out Oaktree's personal information management practices. The policy applies to all Oaktree volunteers, including persons with whom Oaktree conducts business in Australia.  

Fundraising Policy  

This policy outlines Oaktree’s fundraising practice and the standards expected in raising funds from the community. It includes procedures for authorising and conducting a fundraising activity, managing raised funds, reporting obligations and receipting obligations. This policy also incorporates Oaktree's tied-fundraising policy.

External Complaints & Harassment Policy

We are committed to achieving the highest standard we can in every area of our work and to continuous improvement. We are committed to working according to or above the standard required by the Code of Conduct of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).  Receiving concerns and complaints is one of the most important ways for Oaktree to learn and improve the way in which we work. 

Child Protection Policy

CPP provides a practical guide to make volunteers aware of their obligations to protect children that the organisation comes in to contact with. The CPP aims to protect children from child abuse and outline reporting procedures for Oaktree volunteers.

Occupational Health & Safety

OHS provides an outline for creating a safe work environment within the Oaktree offices. An assessment was done all through each State office to highlight health and safety risks and this policy aims to mitigate these.

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Reporting an Incident or Making a Complaint

An Internal complaint may be made by any Oaktree volunteer. 
We recognise the importance and value of listening and responding to concerns and complaints.

We are committed to achieving the highest standard we can in every area of our work and to continuous improvement. We are committed to working according to or above the standard required by the Code of Conduct of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).  Receiving concerns and complaints is one of the most important ways for Oaktree to learn and improve the way in which we work. If you wish to make a complaint about any of the above areas, please click the button below. Complaints relating to our compliance with the ACFID Code of Conduct can be directed to the ACFID Code of Conduct Committee. Please fill out a complaint or inquiry form at www.acfid.asn.au, and email it to code@acfid.asn.au

Note: Anonymous complaints may also be made, however this will limit Oaktree’s capacity to investigate the complaint further or take appropriate action to resolve the issue raised.

Your complaint/report will be submitted to the Director of Legal. If this is not appropriate, please contact the Head of People & Culture, pandc@theoaktree.org



General Complaints cover the areas: discrimination, harrassment, vilification, bullying, victimisation and other.
See the policy for more information: Internal Complaints and Harassment Policy ) 


OHS Incidents cover Minor, Serious and Other Incidents.
         Minor Incident: injury, illness, or hazard arising out of the conduct of Oaktree's operations
         Serious Incident: serious injury, illness, Hazard, dangerous Incident that arises out of the conduct of Oaktree’s operations.
         Any other incident relating to Occupational Health and Safety
         See policy for more information: Occupational Health & Safety ) 


> SUBMIT COMPLAINT relating to Child Protection

Complaints cover: ‘Suspicions or allegations that child abuse has been committed by an Oaktree representative, partner, partner representative, or donor’
                           ‘Violations of the Child Protection Policy (see above)’
                           ‘Any other incident relating to Child Protection'
                           See the policy . Child Protection Code of Conduct


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 Oaktree Child Protection

Emergency Procedures

Read FAQs

Under 18 Parental Consent Form

> Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Training Module

Does the policy apply to me?

I am a volunteer, employee, intern or on work experience - YES
I am a contractor delivering services directly to representatives or children - YES
I am a board member - YES
I am none of the above - NO




Fundraising Procedures

  • Ensure that all your communications with the public are truthful and accurate
  • Ensure that donor information is kept confidential
  • Make sure you communicate the purpose or purposes of a fundraising appeal when soliciting donations 
  • Provide further information about Oaktree or a Campaign when requested to by a donor 
  • ensure fundraisers are conducted in line with Oaktree's mission and purpose 
  • Do not accept commissions, bonuses or payments for Fundraising activities 
  • Keep accurate records of all donations and fundraising appeals


  1. Email Head of Fundraising/Marketing for approval if your fundraiser falls outside your usual scope at Oaktree.

  2. If advertising, all posters, flyers, brochures, emails and other marketing material must identify Oaktree’s name, address, ABN and objectives.

  3. If your activity is a tied fundraising appeal then you must include a secondary appeal approved by Head of Fundraising/Marketing (see example in Fundraising Policy)

  4. When collecting donations, make sure you record:

    * Each Donor’s details
    * Type of donation
    * Amount/value of the donation
    * Description of Donation
    * Purpose for which funds/goods/service are to be used
    * Tied condition of donation

  5. After the fundraiser, make sure you compile a report of expenditure and funds raised.





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