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YLT Terms & Conditions

YLT Terms & Conditions

Terms of Conditions


1. Overview


The purpose of the Oaktree Young Leader’s Fellowships is to provide encouragement and financial support to persons between the ages of 16 – 26 who are making an exceptional voluntary commitment in Australia towards the creation of a more just world. 

The Trust awards fellowships to applicants who demonstrate a desire to apply their leadership capacity, talents and knowledge through performing a significant volunteer role for a not for profit organisation in Australia that is committed towards the creation of a more just world.

The Trust recognises that significant youth voluntary commitment is difficult to sustain without financial support, and therefore the Trust seeks to provide financial support to persons who would otherwise not be able to perform their volunteer role.


2. Expectations of an Oaktree Young Leaders Fellow


The trust expects that you will abide by the regulations of the Trust, as set out in this letter. 

  1. In order to enable the Committee to ensure the Trust funds are properly applied according to the terms of the Trust, you must inform the Committee immediately of any significant changes that may affect your Fellowship, namely: 
    1. Changes to the nature of your volunteer role;
    2. If the weekly hours of commitment drop below the minimum requirement for your Fellowship; 
    3. If you intend to finish performance of your volunteer role prior to the expected end date listed above;
    4. If you start receiving financial support from your not for profit organisation for performance of your volunteer role; 
    5. If your financial circumstances change such that you no longer require the Fellowship in order to fulfill the responsibilities of your volunteer role; 
    6. If you find yourself with difficulties of a medical, financial or academic nature that cannot be resolved in the first instance by yourself and your organisation, and if you find it necessary to leave your volunteer role for an extended period (ie. greater than 10% of the fellowship duration);
    7. If there are any changes to your bank account details.
  1. The Trust expects you to dedicate yourself to your volunteer role and demonstrate high levels of responsible conduct and ethics in performance of that role by abiding by the attached Code of Conduct.
  2. To enable the Committee to ensure that the Fellowships are achieving the purpose of the Trust, you may be require to complete and submit a report on the progress of your volunteer role at the end of fellowship, the format of the report require will be communicated closer to the due date; your CEO may also be asked to contribute to this report.  
  3. Except in exceptional circumstances, you are expected to give at least 3 months notice if you are unable to complete your role for the duration of your Fellowship. Should a payment be made for a period when you are not volunteering, you are expected to reimburse the portion of your Fellowship. 


3. How your Fellowship is paid 


  1. Your Fellowship will be paid periodically as per the dates and amounts specified in the Details of your Fellowship, directly into your nominated personal bank account. 
  2. Please carefully list your bank account details in the section provided below and inform the Trust immediately if there are any changes, or if you do not receive a scheduled payment.  
  3. The Trust will email you to notify you that a payment has been made into your account. 
  4. The Trust will provide you with an annual statement detailing the payment(s) made to you during the financial year. 


4. Publicity 


  1. By accepting this Fellowship you are giving the Trust permission to use information about you to publicise your success in a variety of media, including but not restricted to the Trust’s website and other publications. The Trust will never make your email, telephone number(s) or address public. 
  2. The Trust expects that the support given to you by the Oaktree Young Leaders Trust will be acknowledged and promoted wherever appropriate, both during and after your Fellowship (e.g. conferences, lectures, publications, media interviews etc). 
  3. You are encouraged to send news of your successes and any media coverage to youngleaderstrust@theoaktree.org


5. Responsibility to disclose income to Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office


  1. You are expected to independently seek advice on the impact of the Fellowship payment(s) on your tax situation and any Centrelink benefit you currently or in the future might receive.  It is your responsibility to ensure that any income is appropriately disclosed.