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Young Australians Leading Our Social & Political Impacts

Young Australians Leading Our Social & Political Impacts

Extreme poverty has already been halved and Oaktree is young Australians leading a movement to end it.

Community Leaders are the most active wing of our 150,000 (and growing!) strong member base. They drive our campaigns ensuring effective social and political impact ensuring their place as leading member of the first generation able to bring an end to extreme poverty in their lifetime.

Oaktree recognizes the unique role young people have to play. They are able to build and lead a movement to grow the community of Australians who are informed and care about global poverty.

These shifted attitudes become Oaktree’s ability to create and cultivate change through informed actions and meaningful regional relationships.

Recent aid budget cuts totalling $11.3 billion threaten to blunt our nation’s compassion.

This is a critical moment for our generation… which is why there has never been a better time to take action!

The meaningful conversations Community Leaders bring to their friends, families and fellow Australians help build the critical mass needed for a nationwide ignition of our social conscience.