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Write to Abbott

Write to Abbott

Now, more than ever, we can’t stay silent. The G20 Summit is less than 3 weeks away. The changes that Tony Abbott, as president of the G20, could put in motion could help lift millions out of poverty. We need to act now.

There's nothing quite as powerful as a handwritten letter. An invitation, a letter from an old friend or a postcard from a far away place - it happens less and less these days, but when a hand-addressed envelope arrives in the mail, you know it must be something important and it comes from the heart.

We know that extreme poverty is an important issue, and that thousands of Australians care deeply about it. 

Now, we need to make sure that Tony Abbott hears our message and is compelled to act at the G20.

Write a letter to PM Tony Abbott, telling him why you care about ending extreme poverty and the action that you want to see him take as leader of the G20 this year. You can use the template on this page.

Then, return your handwritten letter to this address:

Oaktree HQ

9 - 11 Stewart Street

VIC Richmond 3121

On November 14, the eve before the G20 Summit in Brisbane, we'll be delivering your letter, alongside the voices of thousands of Australians to demand action on extreme poverty.

Right now, developing countries are losing hundreds of billions of dollars due to corporate tax avoidance. The G20 has the power to prevent this from happening, and ensure that developing countries have the resources that they need to invest in the education, healthcare and infrastructure that is vital to ending extreme poverty. What we need is the political will.

Learn more about global tax avoidance and what the G20 can do to stop it here.

Learn more about the End Poverty Campaign here.


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