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Work Experience At Oaktree

Work Experience At Oaktree

For the past week I have been at Oaktree for work experience through school. It has been so great to see how Oaktree focuses on young people and their potential to make long-lasting change. From talking to Chris Wallace, CEO and spending time at Oaktree, I now know the importance and significance of young people leading the movement. Young people will take risks and look at a problem differently. We are unafraid to challenge the old ways, to be innovative and inventive. By taking risks Oaktree can start new programs and make new improvements.

I reckon Oaktree has so many young volunteers because Oaktree is different from other organisations and is better for young people. Lots of organisations give essential positions to people with experience and age, but Oaktree gives young people the chance to be in essential positions at really young ages.

On the Wednesday when I was at Oaktree, we were invited to a brainstorm meeting with the Marketing and Fundraising team to talk about past experiences with charity events in schools and to contribute to their growing ideas for school events. I am really excited about the idea of Oaktree getting involved with schools and I think it will be very successful.

Since I became involved in Oaktree I have learned so much about Australian aid, poverty in developing countries etc. What I have found so encouraging is seeing that ending poverty is so achievable. I have grown up thinking that poverty was a natural part in this broken world and that we could give them some money and hope for the best, but being told that extreme poverty has been halved since 1990 and that the eradication of extreme poverty could happen by 2030 is so encouraging.

Specifically, during the week that I visited Oaktree, I found it really interesting watching all the ‘behind the scenes action’ in preparation for the Stakeout campaign. Seeing and helping people prepare for the campaign, taking care of all the small details was really interesting. But to me the most exciting part of the week was at the very end, seeing the final excitement of last-minute preparation for the Stakeout. Seeing the massive poster in the office and the t-shirts laid out, and all the work put into practise.

Throughout the week a definite highlight was seeing the variety of roles within an organisation. I liked seeing how different people could play to their strengths through their positions. I also got to see the Youth Partners from Cambodia and Myanmar which was a very interesting and very inspiring to meet them.

The things that really stood out to me over my week at Oaktree was the enthusiasm of the volunteers and workers which is very inspiring and encouraging. Also from hearing from the Youth Partners from Cambodia and Myanmar who have seen real change in their own country as a result from their work is so inspiring to me that I want to see big changes in my life as well and I know that I can work to that and that it will make a difference.

Rosie, 15 years old
Rosie spent a week at Oaktree on work experience