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All about you.

Volunteer Journey

With about 200 volunteers, giving over 2600 hours each year, it really is our people that make this organisation tick. It the role of People & Culture to support, empower and equip our volunteers to do the work that they do and make the biggest impact possible.

The Oaktree Passport is an essential part of this vision.  Here’s everything you need to know about it.

People & Culture and the Oaktree Passport

Passport FAQ

Passport Guide for Managers

Check-in Guide

Check-in Form

Recruitment and Onboarding

An empowering and impactful volunteer journey starts with a solid induction.  If you’re recruiting for a position or inducting a new volunteer, the P&C team is here to support you.  Everything you need to welcome a fresh face to Oaktree can be found right here.

New Volunteer Registration Form

Recruitment and Onboarding Guide

Position Description Template

We’re hungry to learn.

The Passport is new to us too.  We’d love your feedback, ideas or resources that you think are worth sharing with everyone at Oaktree.

If you’ve got any questions, thoughts or feels, email passport@oaktree.org.

If you can’t find a resource that you’re looking for, or have something that you want to share through the passport email learning1@oaktree.org.

Anything else?  Email Rachel – r.a.chapman@oaktree.org.