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Volunteer In WA

Volunteer with us, and discover that you can change the world. 

At Oaktree, we’re volunteers aged 26 and under. We value will over skill, determination over degrees, and passion over years of experience. If this sounds like you, you sound like Oaktree.


Why volunteer in Western Australia?

Here at WA we look forward to our Oaktree office days for a few great reasons. For one, we have some killer cafes near the office that do great coffee. But we also really love the fact that we're giving our passionate young volunteers a place to develop their skills while working on great campaigns. And we love working alongside the people that we do. We alternate between having in depth conversations about campaigning and aid and development, cute stories about our weekend and often heated discussions about our favourite animated movies.

Our branch is based in Perth and as the most isolated city in Australia we know we need to make up for geographical distance by being particularly passionate, relentless and committed. We have a strong (and hilarious) social media presence and we do love ourselves a good meme every once in a while. Oaktree WA is the place to meet incredible people and we believe that through building a strong team and culture, we can have the greatest impact. Join our team and add rad to your life :)


Roles currently available in Western Australia 

WA State Director

In High School? Check out our student ambassador program here


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For questions, concerns, queries, comments or you just want to say hi

Email Medaavi our WA State Director at m.gopaul@oaktree.org for more information on volunteer opportunities in WA. We would absolutely love to hear from you, so get in touch!


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