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Volunteer in Queensland

Volunteer with us, and discover that you can change the world. 

At Oaktree, we’re volunteers aged 26 and under. We value will over skill, determination over degrees, and passion over years of experience. If this sounds like you, you sound like Oaktree.

Why volunteer in Queensland?

With some of the highest rates of youth not being enrolled to vote and youth unemployment rates in Australia, there has never been a bigger push for youth empowerment in Queensland. As this is a value at Oaktree’s core, the Queensland branch is unique in that we provide young people with an opportunity to lead and be heard so that we can empower those living below the poverty line to rise above it.

Living in the Sunshine State makes our branch an alive and stimulating place to work in. From political science students to hotel managers to environmental engineers, we’re a diverse group of young people who all have one shared vision - ending extreme poverty in our lifetime.

We have a strong growth mentality here in the Queensland branch and the personal development of our volunteers is at the heart of our operations. There are no limits to the work you do with us and you can go as far as your dreams take you. It is our job to help you succeed and we equip you through our fortnightly training meetings where you can develop skills and knowledge in areas like communicating poverty, campaigning and leadership. We invite you to develop new skills or become specialised at those you already have all while combating in the fight to end poverty.

We may work hard but don’t worry - we also do know how to have fun! We love to socialise through relaxed coffee breaks, Cards Against Humanity games at our training retreats and Friday night dinners at the Boundary Street Markets in West End. Our GIF and photography game here in Queensland is pretty on point too which is giving the other branches a run for their money.

Are we making you keen as a bean? Come volunteer with the #keensland branch and let us help you take your passions to places you’ve never even imagined. Looking forward to having you onboard!

Roles currently available in Queensland
In High School? Check out our student ambassador program here

If you're interested in getting involved at our QLD branch, please follow this link.

For questions, concerns, queries, comments or you just want to say hi

Email Bree our Queensland State Director at b.[email protected] for more information on volunteer opportunities in Queensland. We would absolutely love to hear from you, so get in touch!


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