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Volunteer in ACT

Volunteer with us, and discover that you can change the world. 

Here in the heart of Australia, we are passionate about leading a movement to end poverty. We believe in empowering the young people of Canberra to make the biggest impact possible for social change.

Our team is made up of an awesome group of young people who put the impact first, take initiative, and see each other as an interconnected community. We hold regular meetings and training sessions to ensure we are doing the best work we can do. And we love hummus, dumplings, burgers, and Harry Potter.

We run weekly Community Leader nights, where we empower university students to lead our campaigns through engaging in grassroots action. We train them up, learn together, and create a community of like-minded people, passionate about ending poverty.

We also engage with schools and other community groups across Canberra -  running workshops and presentations with Student Leaders, fundraising, and building the momentum of Live Below the Line in universities and schools across the city.

Check out the available positions below to see how you can join Oaktree’s best branch, inarguably the best territory branch Oaktree’s got!


Roles currently available in ACT

ACT Officer

In High School? Check out our student ambassador program here

If you're interested in getting involved at our ACT branch, please follow this link.

For questions, concerns, queries, comments or you just want to say hi

Email Natalie, our ACT Director at n.dajkovich@oaktree.org for more information on volunteer opportunities in the ACT. We would absolutely love to hear from you, so get in touch!


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