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Volunteer in ACT

Volunteer with us, and discover that you can change the world. 

Hailing from the city of roundabouts, the ACT Oaktree team is passionate about youth empowerment and promoting the causes we believe in. We are uniquely situated in the political capital and are keen to use this to spark change!

Kamberra in Ngunnawal language translates to ‘meeting place’, and we meet every week to discuss how young people across the ACT can make an impact. 

Although we come from a multitude of backgrounds, we’ve found a lot to unite us. Incidentally, we have the talents to hold an Oaktree Musical…  but other talents are always welcome! We also have quite the menagerie between us: 5 dogs, a cat, 3 chickens, a rabbit, at least 10 fish… and a pet housemate that is well-trained in providing tea (we’re all fans of tea). Finally, we all want to make a global impact as youth - and have fun doing it!

Like many other young people in the ACT, most of us aren’t originally from Canberra. But we bring the best from every other state to make the ultimate crew!

If being a part of an Australia-wide movement for change interests you, come and join the #ACTeam at Oaktree!

Roles currently available in ACT

Sorry, no positions available!

In High School? Check out our student ambassador program here

If you're interested in getting involved at our ACT branch, please follow this link.

For questions, concerns, queries, comments or you just want to say hi

Email Natalie, our ACT Director at [email protected] for more information on volunteer opportunities in the ACT. We would absolutely love to hear from you, so get in touch!


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