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Dan Lewis-Toakley

Why I Care about Ending Poverty

Equality of opportunity is a no brainer. 

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  • commented on Cold toes, warm heart
    "Nice post! Wish I was back in Oz during Sept :-)"
  • commented on Why Live Below the Line Matters
    "Hey Arman, totally agree with you! LBL is an incredible experience for the participants. More than that though it’s also a great way to start conversations about the issue of poverty!"
  • commented on Why Live Below the Line Matters
    "This is excellent, the only thing I want to say is the spirit of sponsoring. It is not meant to be reeling in money to encourage someone to do something which may be considered amusing by sponsors, whilst the charity quietly sweeps up the money.That’s not it. It is the critical part of the event, the actual resources gained, but it is to be reminded that the sponsorship money is to recognise that person’s courage and willingness to try and just begin to comprehend the difficulty of an impoverished lifestyle. This is the spirit of sponsoring, and why, if done in the sight of Living Below the Line, will work both ways; in that the sponsored gains a small tangibility of the difficulty of poverty, as well the sponsor, who encourages a fellow compatriot in their commitment as well as making a direct contribution to the war against poverty."
  • Jack Abd Allah
    commented on Why Live Below the Line Matters
    "Thank you"
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