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The Roadtrip Experience: an Acrostic Poem

The Roadtrip Experience: an Acrostic Poem

It's difficult to put the experience that is the Roadtrip into words, even with the help of an acrostic poem. Join us in September to experience this remarkable journey first hand.

In 2007, I saw a video of a bunch of young people getting on a bus to end extreme poverty, and even though FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) didn’t exist as an acronym back then, I knew I was missing out. 3 years later as a first year uni student, I signed up for what would be an intense and rewarding week of my life. It’s definitely hard to describe, and even harder to summarise into 8 words, but here is an acrostic poem with all you need to know about the Roadtrip. 

Rewarding. The Roadtrip is a massive campaign. Sometimes you will be out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you will be in it and absolutely smashing goals. Both are incredibly rewarding. This year, with the G20 summit held in Australia in November, we’re adding a new concept to campaign on, which means it will probably be more rewarding than ever before. You should probs be there.

Opportunities. There are so many opportunities leading up to, during, and after the week of Roadtrip. It’s an opportunity to use your unique skills and contribute to Australia’s largest youth-led movement. It’s an opportunity to be courageous and fight to remove some of the roadblocks to ending extreme poverty. Now’s the time to take the opportunity.

Action-packed. Take a breath now, because it’s going to be a crazy week. Actually, it’s going to be a crazy 6 months. The End Poverty campaign is a unique moment in Oaktree’s history because we actually have two separate policy platforms. What on earth does that mean?

As usual, increasing Australia’s commitment to foreign aid is one of Oaktree’s key asks. However, this year, we have a unique opportunity to campaign to a global body. The G20 summit will be hosted in Brisbane this year. This means that heads of state and finance ministers from 20 key economies around the world will be in a room together on Australian soil.

Already announced on the agenda is ‘tax justice.’ Developing countries (and developed countries) are losing hundreds of billions of dollars each year (eek) because companies with offices in multiple countries sneakily pay tax to the country with the lower tax rate.

Not cool. Time to take action.

Dangerous. You may get hooked. You will spend a week with incredible people. You will have amazing conversations.

Transformative. Whether it’s just because you learnt 4 new skills, made 4 new incredibly motivated friends, or actually fundamentally changed as a person, most people would describe the Roadtrip as transformative in some way. I don’t want to get your hopes up – you may not change as a person. But you may, in the best way possible.

Rare. This is such a rare opportunity to be part of a global movement and try things that you never would have dreamed you’d do.  

Impactful. Sometimes when we look at politics today, it’s hard to see what impact something like a campaigning-centred Roadtrip has had. But here’s a look at what past campaigns have achieved:

2007: The first Roadtrip was held just a year after the Make Poverty History concert, and there was a lot of public support for the cause (woohoo). 700 participants got 30,000 petition signatures and presented it to the government. 15 million people were reached through the media. In addition John Howard and Kevin Rudd both made speeches in support of foreign aid.

2010: It was an election year which made it the perfect time to target marginal seats. Up to 1000 young people hit the road to put foreign aid on the political agenda! Going through 40 cities and towns around Australia, you people collected 47,000 (epic). 17 million people were reached through the media, and we spoke to 143 political representatives (I say ‘we’ because I was there and I still feel proud to have been part of it).

2013: It was another election year and this time Roadtrippers gathered 49,000 signatures in 70 different locations. 15 million people were reached through 408 media hits.

When you’re actually on the Roadtrip, it can be hard to understand the impact that you’re having, but upon reflection, the awareness raised about the roadblocks to extreme poverty are wide-spread and so rewarding.

Pride. If you usually feel pride handing in an assignment on time, get ready to multiply that pride. And multiply it again. Now jump online and apply.