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The Journey so far!

Check out this video from our last Community Leaders Bootcamp, held in February 2014.

Here are some of the past campaigns Oaktree Community Leaders have driven:

2014 End Poverty Campaign

  • The Roadtrip: Community Leaders spearheaded a 400-strong Roadtrip to Canberra where they met face-to-face with 93 MPs to highlight the importance of Australian aid.

  • International Anti-Poverty Day: Community Leaders held over 250 screenings across the country where over 10,000 Australians watched “Within Our Reach” - a documentary about the movement to end poverty.

  • The G20: Community Leaders helped organise & deliver hundreds of personal letters, had hundreds of conversations about the importance of tax justice, and helped reach 1.6 million people through media outreach.

Traffik Free Easter

At the start of this year, 12 Community Leader teams met weekly to target 14 supermarkets across 6 states - all working towards eliminating unfair labour practices from chocolate production while building the movement to end poverty. Together, alongside our amazing allies at Stop the Traffik & Fairtrade, we:

  • Helped secure over 12,000 signatures on our petition

  • Helped distribute nearly 50,000 cards to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, and Haigh’s

  • Organised stunts, stalls, events, and meetings with local managers at supermarkets across the country

  • Helped build enough community pressure to secure high-level meetings with execs at Coles & Woolworths

  • Engaged politicians, council members, and local & national media (including the Queensland Deputy Premier, the Subiaco Mayor, and Federal MP Andrew Leigh!)

Some of the wins from the campaign include:

  • A commitment from Aldi to not sign any new procurement contracts with chocolate providers unless they’re Fairtrade certified or they can show they’re in the process of being certified.

  • A commitment from Coles & Woolworths to increase their offer of Fairtrade products into the future

Live Below the Line

Over April, Community Leaders helped lead the grassroots engagement of Live Below the Line - making over 1587 phone calls to LBL participants to encourage fundraising and organising dozens of LBL dinners to engage local communities with the campaign. So far, Live Below the Line has raised over $1.4 million and helped provoke thousands of meaningful conversations about extreme poverty. Winner!

If you want to be involved in high-impact campaigns building the movement to end poverty, you need to be at Bootcamp -

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