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We deliver life-changing educational opportunities overseas, and ground-breaking youth led advocacy campaigns here in Australia.

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Ending extreme poverty is a complex issue, and we need your help to keep up the fight. Help us to sustain Oaktree's impact.

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In a rural community that barely has access to clean water, many youths of Timor-Leste are faced with limited options after completing high school. With many living under the extreme poverty line, the choice for further education and opportunities are scarce.

Together with Plan Timor-Leste, we are working towards making a change. Providing opportunities for training and education, the Youth Economic Empowerment Project helps young people obtain essential career skills.

Graduates of this program have moved onto self-sustaining projects that give back to the community. Creating their own businesses that help improve not only their own state of living but others too, standing proudly as leaders of change.

We know that extreme poverty has already been halved in the past decade.

Together, we can put an end to it.

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