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Extreme poverty has already been halved. Oaktree is working to ensure every Australian knows we can end it.

By donating to Oaktree, you help make all our work possible.

Overseas, educating thousands of young people who will lead the charge in lifting their communities and countries out of poverty. Through our partners in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor, we're helping to break the poverty cycle, and build sustainable change.

Here in Australia, empowering young people who care about social justice to take action on their beliefs - raising awareness, building community support and creating political change.

Now is your opportunity to join the movement.

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  • Virgin Velocity members can use Velocity Points to make a donation. Starting from as little as 4,500 Points for a $25 donation or 17,500 Points for a $100 donation, donations can be made via the Velocity Rewards Store.
  • Through Shopnate, every time you shop with all of your favourite online brands, they'll make a donation to Oaktree. You'll be helping us grow our impact, without having to pay a cent more. Get started now.
  • Make a donation to Oaktree via Givematcher, and for every dollar you give, they'll find a company to match it. Double your impact today.