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Shaun Sellers

Why I Care about Ending Poverty

after i went to the  USA in 2005 i saw first hand the devstasion of what hurrcane Katrina did and and after seeing the poverty that was there i sayd to my self i meet a family who lost absultely everything all they had was there shirt on there backs and that when i meet jack he was 5 years old at that time and i sayd that i am going to stay and help thsis poor family and others that had been devastaed and lost evrything i spent 4 years in new Orleans just helping people untill they got ther lives back on track i miss 4 years of school back in australia and by god it was worth it but after seeing all that poverty there and the destrasion i sayd that i have a dream a passion to help people that are less fourtnet then me and that when i desoverd my passion for wanting to end poverty i still keep in contact  with wit jack and his family and it just make it all worth it in the end and when i got back to australia i fels so much pride and then i found out about Oaktree and it been 8 yers sine hurrcane Katrina but yeah i got no word to describe how i feel about ending exstrme globle poverty it somthing i have to do for jack and his family and for all those people living in poverty all around the world 

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