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Meet Sophea

Meet Sophea

Meet Sophea. She’s a uni student majoring in administration management, and like most students, she balances study with part-time work. Sophea can’t come to a Dine Below the Line dinner - not because she’s crappy company, but because she lives in Cambodia.

Since year 10, Sophea has received a scholarship for her education, thanks to Oaktree’s partner, KAPE - and without it, she might have missed out on going to school at all. Sophea’s story is a reminder of why your fundraising is so valuable. The money raised from Dine Below the Line will fund Oaktree's work and the work of overseas partners like KAPE, whose education projects help lift young people out of poverty.

Sophea’s the youngest of five siblings, who’ve had disrupted educations due to the death of both of their parents. She lives in a small house with her third brother, and in her last break, worked in the rice fields to earn money to support her education, because she didn’t want her brother to worry about money.

Thanks to Sophea’s hard work and determination, and the scholarship from KAPE, she’s now creating change in her own community. She’s a volunteer and an advocate - she’s built houses for poor families  and attended meetings to speak out for an increased focus on education in her community.

Sophea’s creating herself a future, and thanks to the money we’ll raise from Dine Below the Line, you’re a part of that too.

Every dollar raised and every conversation about poverty helps bring us closer to empowering people like Sophea to thrive.


This October, we're raising funds to help fight poverty, doing it round a dinner table, and using food to give ourselves a glimpse into what it's like to live with limited choices. But this time, we're eating fancy for a change - hosting dinner parties, catered on a $2 budget, and raising funds and awareness about the issue of poverty.

Sound like fun? We think so too! Sign up today.www.dinebelowtheline.com.au/