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Shari Butler

Why I Care about Ending Poverty

I hate sitting here thinking that there are people like me who are suffering in so many ways. I hate thinking that the rich get more than what they need, whilst the poor are left with barely anything.

Its always the poor that are so generous and will smile even at the darkest of times. They deserve a chance like us. They need a safe environment like us. 

We are all one. We all are different. But we all carry love. 

"We all lie underneath our own greed, which in turn leaves us with so much need"


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    "In Australia we complain about education and how boring it is but we really need to open our eyes and see how fortunate we are."
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  • commented on The right approach to development
    "This is such a beautiful and inspiring blog. It taught me that we as individuals have no same pattern. We all vary in pattern thus making development more variable. We may not always have the same routine or answers, but we still develop even in our own unique ways."
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