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Coby Plain

Why I Care about Ending Poverty

I have a future, a bright one. It is indeed a blessing I am grateful for but it comes at a price. Every day I wake to opportunities not even dreamt of by billions. By sheer fluke and power of chance I was born a lucky one. And because of that every achievement of mine is owed to the suffering of others.

It's actually easy to say that. It's even easy to say you want to change the world for the better. The hard part is taking the first step. That is and will always be the challenge. Changing the world is easy, changing yourself... not so much. It took me longer than I am proud to admit to bridge the gap between words and actions. But once I did, I never looked back.

Yes I want to save the world, yes I weep at the injustice, yes my heart aches with those of my brothers and sisters in poverty and yes I do this to help them. But I also do this to save my soul.

And that is something one day everyone will need to face.

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